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China Post

Carrier Overview

China Post offers shipping services from China to countries worldwide that offers full tracking and customs clearance. By booking a China Post label via Buy Shipping, sellers will receive automated tracking and order confirmation.

Shipping Benefits

  • Fully tracked shipping from China to the destination country
  • Economical shipping with premium service
  • Pick-up or drop-off service

Shipping Services

  • E-Packet
  • E-Courier
    • E-Courier Parcel
    • E-Courier Parcel special
    • E-courier Packet
    • E-Courier Packet special
  • E-EMS

Note: These shipping services are available, however whether they are eligible for a certain order depends on the many other factors, such as promised delivery date, origin-destination address pair, restrictions of size, weight and hazmat classifications, etc. Therefore, if you are using the Seller Central UI, please choose one eligible shipping service from the webpage returned shipping service list. If you are using the MWS API, please call GetEligibleShippingServices API before calling CreateShipment API to purchase a label.

Delivery service introduction

  • E-Packet is China Post's standard direct delivery service for the cross-border e-commerce light and small items, limiting weight of 2 KG (UK 5KG). The service cooperates with destination local postal services, and uses the postal channel EDI to quickly clear customs, providing tracking information and delivery confirmation.
  • E-Courier is a cross-border logistics solution designed by China Post to integrate high-quality resources from domestic and overseas channels, specifically targeting various situations in different countries and regions. The service uses a commercial customs clearance mode, which may deliver products with batteries, provide compensation and return services. It includes:
    • E-Courier Parcel last mile uses the standard class delivery network and provides delivery confirmation. E-Courier Parcel special may deliver items with batteries with a weight limit of 30 KG.
    • E-courier Packet last mile uses the economy class delivery network and provides “out for delivery” tracking information. E-Courier Packet special may deliver items with batteries with a weight limit of 2 KG.
  • E-EMS is an international express service designed and operated by China Post, which is suitable for international EMS deliveries for the high-weight (more than 2 KG) and high-value (US $50) items for cross-border e-commerce. The service adopts a fee calculation model with a starting weight of 50 gram and an additional fee based on additional weight. The internal processing approach is essentially the same as the standard international EMS, providing full tracking information and delivery confirmation.

Shipping Coverage

China Post currently provides coverage on Buy Shipping for these cities in Appendix 1.

Sellers shipping from these cities will be able to purchase shipping from China Post and receive all the benefits of purchasing a label through Buy Shipping.

Payments and Rates

When China Post collects the package or the packages are dropped off, the carrier will either collect funds at the time of shipment or, note your China Post account number and charge the shipments to your account. The quoted rate in Buy Shipping is the public rate offered by China Post. The rate you will pay when purchasing a label is the rate associated with your account that you have with China Post.

You can purchase shipping service from China Post without creating an account with China Post. After you buy shipping, if you already have a daily pick-up with China Post, you can provide your packages to them at the same time. If you do not already ship with China Post, please contact a local branch (from the list provided) to schedule pick up time and frequency.


China Post provides a pick-up for Sellers in the coverage area when the label is purchased through Buy Shipping.

China Post Service List lists the coverage areas of the warehouses that serve these cities and the contact information needed to arrange pickups.

You can purchase a delivery service directly from China Post without having to create a China Post account.

If you have previously signed an agreement with China Post, or you are a contracted customer of China Post, you can proceed to contact the China Post staff to make an appointment for the pick-up time and frequency. If you are not a contracted customer of China Post, please contact your local postal office (see the list of China Postal Service) to agree on a time and frequency of pickup before your first use of China Post service.

Terms and Conditions

When purchasing labels from China Post, you will accept the terms and conditions as defined by China Post, found here: China Post Terms and Conditions


Is it mandatory to have an account with China Post in order to use the Buy Shipping?

No, China Post account is not required.

How do you calculate the rate on Buy Shipping? Should I pay for the amount that is displayed on Seller Central?

The shipping cost displayed on Seller Central is an estimation of fee based on your package’s weight and the China Post public rate. The final shipping cost you will need to pay will depend on the actual weight of your package and your China Post account rate. If you do not have a China Post account, you will be charged the local rate.

How do I pay for shipping?

If you already have an account with China Post, the payment method will remain the same and the fee will still be charged from your existing China Post account. If you do not have a China Post account, you can pay for the shipping on site at pick up or drop off.

Do I need to do anything else after purchasing a label in Buy Shipping?

You will need to make sure that the parcel is handed over to China Post on time. If you have not yet scheduled a daily pick up with China Post, you will need to contact the local postal service agency to agree on the time and frequency of pick-up.

Appendix 1

Ship-from cities China Post covers for Buy Shipping.

Note: Spelling of city Luan is different from the Pinyin spelling (i.e. Liu’an) in that it does not have i or .

State City
Shanghai Shanghai
Beijing Beijing
Sichuan Nanchong
Sichuan Chengdu
Sichuan Mianyang
Anhui Luan
Anhui Hefei
Anhui Anqing
Anhui Xuancheng
Anhui Suzhou
Anhui Chizhou
Anhui Huaibei
Anhui Huannan
Anhui Quzhou
Anhui Wuhu
Anhui Bengbu
Anhui Tongling
Anhui Buyang
Anhui Maanshan
Anhui Huangshan
Anhui Haozhou
Shandong Dongying
Shandong Linyi
Shandong Weihai
Shandong Dezhou
Shandong Rizhao
Shandong Zaozhuang
Shandong Taian
Shandong Jinan
Shandong Jining
Shandong Zibo
Shandong Binzhou
Shandong Weifang
Shandong Yantai
Shandong Liaocheng
Shandong Heze
Shandong Qingdao
Guangdong Yunfu
Guangdong Dongguan
Guangdong Zhongshan
Guangdong Foshan
Guangdong Guangzhou
Guangdong Huizhou
Guangdong Jieyang
Guangdong Meizhou
Guangdong Shantou
Guangdong Shanwei
Guangdong Jiangmen
Guangdong Heyuan
Guangdong Shenzhen
Guangdong Qingyuan
Guangdong Zhenjiang
Guangdong Chaozhou
Guangdong Zhuhai
Guangdong Zhaoqing
Guangdong Maoming
Guangdong Yangjiang
Guangdong Shaoguan
Jiangsu Wujiang
Jiangsu Yixing
Jiangsu Changshu
Jiangsu Kunshan
Jiangsu Jiangyin
Jiangsu Nanjing
Jiangsu Nantong
Jiangsu Suqian
Jiangsu Changzhou
Jiangsu Xuzhou
Jiangsu Yangzhou
Jiangsu Wuxi
Jiangsu Taizhou
Jiangsu Huaian
Jiangsu Yancheng
Jiangsu Suzhou
Jiangsu Lianyungang
Jiangsu Zhenjiang
Henan Sanmenxia
Henan Xinyang
Henan Nanyang
Henan Zhoukou
Henan Shangqiu
Henan Anyang
Henan Pingdingshan
Henan Kaifeng
Henan Xinxiang
Henan Luoyang
Henan Luohe
Henan Fuyang
Henan Jiaozuo
Henan Xuchang
Henan Zhengzhou
Henan Zhumadian
Henan Hebi
Zhejiang Dongyang
Zhejiang Yiwu
Zhejiang Yuyao
Zhejiang Cixi
Zhejiang Pujiang
Zhejiang Zhenhai
Zhejiang Lishui
Zhejiang Taizhou
Zhejiang Jiaxing
Zhejiang Ningbo
Zhejiang Hangzhou
Zhejiang Wenzhou
Zhejiang Huzhou
Zhejiang Shaoxing
Zhejiang Zhoushan
Zhejiang Quzhou
Zhejiang Jinhua
Hubei Shiyan
Hubei Xianning
Hubei Xiaogan
Hubei Yichang
Hubei Enshi
Hubei Wuhan
Hubei Jingzhou
Hubei Jingmen
Hubei Xiangyang
Hubei Ezhou
Hubei Shuizhou
Hubei Huanggang
Hubei Huangshi
Hunan Shaodong
Hunan Loudi
Hunan Yueyang
Hunan Changde
Hunan Zhangjiajie
Hunan Huaihua
Hunan Zhuzhou
Hunan Yongzhou
Hunan Xiangtan
Hunan Xiangxi
Hunan Yiyang
Hunan Hengyang
Hunan Shaoyang
Hunan Quzhou
Hunan Changsha
Fujian Jinjiang
Fujian Zhangpu
Fujian Shishi
Fujian Sanming
Fujian Nanping
Fujian Xiamen
Fujian Ningde
Fujian Quanzhou
Fujian Zhangzhou
Fujian Fuzhou
Fujian Putian
Fujian Longyan
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