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Bicycle Helmets and Ski and Snowboarding Helmets

If you list products on our store, you must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and our policies applicable to those products and product listings, including this policy.

Bicycle Helmets and Ski and Snowboarding Helmets covered by this policy

Bicycle Helmets

A Bicycle Helmet is any headgear that is marketed as, or implied through marketing or promotion to be, a device that is intended to provide protection from head injuries while riding a bicycle. This policy does not cover helmets specifically marketed for exclusive use in a designated activity (for example, skateboarding, rollerblading, baseball or roller hockey) other than riding a bicycle. If a helmet is intended for use while riding a bicycle in addition to another activity, it is covered by this policy.

Examples of Bicycle Helmets

Ski and Snowboarding Helmets

Ski and Snowboarding Helmets are specifically designed and constructed for use while skiing and snowboarding. These helmets consist of a hard-outer shell constructed from materials including, but not limited to plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber and a padded inner core, typically made from expanded polystyrene foam.

Examples of Ski and Snowboarding Helmets

Our policy for Bicycle Helmets and Ski and Snowboarding Helmets

Amazon requires that Bicycle Helmets and Ski and Snowboarding Helmets have been tested and meet the specific regulation or standard requirements listed below for all Bicycle Helmets and Ski and Snowboarding Helmets you list:

Product Regulation/Standard Requirements
Bicycle Helmets
  • 16 CFR § 1203 or
  • ASTM F1447 or
  • Snell B-90A or B-95
Ski and Snowboarding Helmets
  • ASTM F2040 or
  • CSA Z263.1 or
  • Snell RS-98 or S-98

Required information

We may request this information from you at any time so we recommend you have it easily accessible:

  • Your company name (if applicable) and seller ID
  • Your contact information: email address and phone number
  • A list of all Bicycle Helmets and Ski and Snowboarding Helmets you list
  • Product images for all Bicycle Helmets and Ski and Snowboarding Helmets you list. Images must include all relevant:
    • Safety information
    • Compliance markings
    • Product hazard warnings
  • A General Certificate of Conformity (GCC) for all Bicycle Helmets you list
  • Test reports from an ILAC ISO 17025 accredited laboratory confirming that each product was tested to the regulations/standards listed above

Some labs provide special Amazon rates for testing. To find more information about these providers, visit the Seller Central Service Provider Network Page.

How to submit information

If you are contacted by us for compliance documents, complete the following steps to submit the requested information:

  1. In Seller Central, click the Performance menu, and choose Account Health.
  2. Under Product Compliance Requests, click Documentation Requests.
  3. Click Provide Documentation next to the product.
  4. Follow the steps in the Submit required documents section.

Note: Test Reports must contain images of the tested products including packaging, compliance markings, warning labels and age grading if applicable. The product images on the test reports must show that the product is the same when compared to the product images on the detail page.

Policy violations

If you do not provide the required information by the applicable deadline, we may:

  • Remove the relevant product listings
  • Suspend your ability to add new products and/or listing privileges
  • Withhold any payments due to you
  • Pursue legal action

We reserve the right to take any further actions that may be necessary in our sole discretion.

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