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Belarus Valued Added Tax (VAT) FAQ

Important: Information on this page does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such. You should consult your professional advisers if you have any questions.

The Belarus government has rules in place requiring providers of remote services to calculate and collect Belarus VAT.

Starting January 1, 2018, unless a Belarus-resident Seller has provided their VAT ID (Tax Identification Number – TIN), Amazon will collect and remit Belarus VAT at a standard rate of 20% on monthly subscription fees and other Selling on Amazon fees.

Sellers who are located in Belarus and sell on Amazon websites can provide Amazon with their Belarus VAT ID and will not be charged the 20% Belarus VAT on their Selling on Amazon fees.

Follow the steps below to provide Amazon with your Belarus VAT ID:

  1. Sign in to Seller Central
  2. Under Settings choose Account Info
  3. In the section Tax Information, click on VAT information.
  4. From the list of countries, select Belarus .
  5. Add your VAT ID
  6. Select I accept and acknowledge all conditions set out in the Tax registration agreement
  7. Click Save.


How does this apply to my selling account?

If you are a resident of Belarus, Selling on Amazon Fees charged to your selling account will be subject to Belarus VAT unless you have provided Amazon with a valid VAT ID.

How do I obtain a Belarus VAT ID?

You may be able to register for a Belarus VAT ID online. For more information, see the Taxation in Belarus official website.

I am not a Belarus resident. Will the Selling on Amazon fees charged to my account be subject to Belarus VAT?

If you are not a resident of Belarus, Selling on Amazon fees through your selling account will not be subject to Belarus VAT. Consult your tax advisor to understand if you have any VAT obligations in Belarus.

How do I provide my VAT ID to Amazon?

You can provide your Belarus VAT ID to Amazon. Sign in to Seller Central, click Settings > Account Info, and click VAT Information under the Tax Information module.

How is Belarus VAT charged?

Amazon will normally charge sellers a standard rate of 20% VAT on Selling on Amazon fees and monthly subscription fees if the seller does not have a valid Belarus VAT ID.

Why is Amazon continuing to collect Belarus VAT when I have provided a valid Belarus VAT ID?

Amazon will not calculate or collect Belarus VAT if you have already provided Amazon with a valid Belarus VAT ID. Amazon calculates VAT on fees when an order is placed and charges it to the seller's account when the order is shipped. Therefore, Belarus VAT may have been collected on orders placed prior to the time you provided your VAT ID.

I updated my information to reflect my current address which is outside Belarus. Why is Amazon continuing to collect Belarus VAT?

Amazon will not calculate or collect Belarus VAT on your selling account fees unless the information you have provided at the time of the transaction indicates you are a resident of Belarus. Amazon calculates Belarus VAT on fees when an order is placed and collects it when an order is shipped; there may have been existing pending orders before you updated your current address and payment information

Go to Seller Account Information, and review each section to ensure that all of your information is complete and accurate. Note that there may be several addresses and payment methods associated with your selling account.

I am no longer a resident of Belarus, and I have updated all my information to reflect my current address. Can Amazon refund previously-charged Belarus VAT to my selling account?

Amazon is required to charge and remit Belarus VAT based on the information in your selling account. At the time the Belarus VAT was collected, Amazon had enough information to associate your account with Belarus. Amazon cannot refund Belarus VAT without a valid Belarus VAT ID.

How do I receive a refund for previously-charged Belarus VAT on my selling account?

To request a refund, you will need to provide your Belarus VAT ID to Amazon on the Tax Registration Information page in Seller Central. Then you will need to contact Amazon Seller Support to request a refund of the Belarus VAT charged to your selling account.

Belarus VAT refund requests can take up to 90 days to process. You will receive an update from Amazon informing you about the estimated date when you can expect to receive a refund in your selling account, if your request was approved.

Can Amazon help me with my tax return?

While we are committed to helping sellers, we do not provide tax advisory or compliance services. Please contact a tax advisor if you have any questions about taxes or need assistance with your tax returns. We have created a list of third-party tax advisors solely as a resource for our sellers.

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