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This article applies to selling in: United States

Remote Fulfillment with FBA

Remote Fulfillment with FBA lets you sell to customers in Canada and Mexico without having to send inventory to those countries. When you enroll in the program and create offers on and, Fulfillment by Amazon will use your inventory in US fulfillment centers to fulfill orders across the border directly to the customer, through Amazon Services LLC.

The program offers Prime customers free shipping in Mexico (five to nine days) and Canada (seven to 12 days). Customers pay import duties on the items they order, taking ownership after the shipping company picks up the items from the US fulfillment center. Returns go directly back to the US and are subject to the FBA customer returns policy.

Orders will appear in your Canada or Mexico seller account, based on where the customer bought your product.

Note: Remote Fulfillment is different from FBA Export. With FBA Export, sellers make their offers available to customers worldwide for purchase on

Program fees

For details about program fees, visit Remote Fulfillment with FBA fees. Program fulfillment fees apply only to sales of products on and Standard US fulfillment fees will apply for sales on The referral fee will be based on the marketplace where the customer buys the item.

Note: Customers, not sellers, pay import duties on items bought through Remote Fulfillment.

Product eligibility

Not all items are eligible to sell through Remote Fulfillment with FBA. To be eligible, a product must:

  • Be enabled for FBA in the US, Canada, and Mexico
  • Meet all trade compliance and in-country regulations

The following product types are not eligible:

We continually monitor factors that can affect an ASIN’s eligibility so that products are safe for customers to import. When an ASIN becomes ineligible, it is most likely because of a change in trade compliance regulations or Amazon’s risk assessment.

In some cases, an ASIN is eligible for cross-border fulfillment under a different fulfillment method, such as local FBA fulfillment or seller-fulfilled, but is not eligible for Remote Fulfillment with FBA. That could be because the regulatory risk is high or we have not yet assessed the risk, or because there are transportation constraints. Reasons for an item being high risk can include a requirement for extra documentation at the border and greater regulatory scrutiny or product restrictions in the customer’s country.

Tip: If your ASIN is not eligible for Remote Fulfillment but you still want to sell it in Canada or Mexico, you can send it directly to the country for sale through FBA or list it as a seller-fulfilled offer.

How to enroll in Remote Fulfillment

To enroll in Remote Fulfillment, you must be registered for FBA in the US, Canada, and Mexico and have a North America Unified Account with FBA Export enabled. Once you enroll, your eligible ASINs will be available for sale to customers in Canada and Mexico as soon as you create offers for them on and

Follow these steps to enroll and begin selling:

  1. Go to the Remote Fulfillment page, which you can also find using the Inventory drop-down menu on Seller Central.
  2. Set your preferences as you go through the enrollment workflow, and click Enroll. Once you have enrolled, Amazon will evaluate your inventory and automatically add all eligible items to the program. From then on, we will automatically add to the program:
    • any new eligible item added to your US inventory
    • any items that are currently ineligible but later become eligible
  3. If you haven’t enabled automatic listing creation in your setting preferences, create offers for Canada and Mexico so you can sell your US inventory in those marketplaces.
  4. Download your ASIN Status report from the Remote Fulfillment page to:
    • See which of your ASINs have been added to the program
    • Find out if you have to take action on any ASINs so they can be added to the program
    • Remove ASINs from the program that you don’t want to sell in a particular marketplace
Note: After you enroll in Remote Fulfillment with FBA, it may take up to 24 hours to determine whether your ASIN is eligible.

Automatic listing creation

Enabling automatic listing creation quickly makes your US offers available in Canada and Mexico. It saves you the work of manually creating offers and evaluating pricing before your items can be available for sale. Automatic listing creation also adjusts for differences in fulfillment fees, referral fees, exchange rates, and costs that you may incur when converting proceeds back to USD (if you use Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers). After you enroll, any eligible new products that you offer in the US will be available automatically in Canada and Mexico.

Note: If you select only one marketplace for automatic listing creation, you are choosing to have Amazon create offers for your products in only that marketplace. However, you’ll still be enrolled in Remote Fulfillment in both Canada and Mexico. As a result, if you have existing offers in the marketplace you didn’t select, those products will added to the program automatically. If you want to remove them, you can do so via the ASIN Status report. For more information, see the “Managing your offers” section below.

Removal of seller-fulfilled offers

Most sellers don’t have both seller-fulfilled and FBA offers for the same SKU in the US. If you do, when you enroll in Remote Fulfillment, the inventory level for your seller-fulfilled offers will be set to zero. You won’t be able to add seller-fulfilled inventory for that SKU until it no longer has an FBA offer. We recommend that you create separate SKUs for any seller-fulfilled offers that you want to keep active and that share the same SKU as an FBA offer. Manage Inventory does not show seller-fulfilled offers if an FBA offer already exists for the SKU; they are visible only in the Amazon storefronts.

Stranded inventory

When you enroll, Amazon adjusts the stranded inventory setting Automatic change to FBA to one day for the stranded reason Merchant fulfilled. For example, if you change an FBA offer to seller-fulfilled and this results in stranded inventory, the offer will change back to FBA within 24 hours. You can change this setting by clicking Edit automatic-action settings on Fix stranded inventory.

For listings that you don’t want automatically relisted or changed to FBA, select Opt out of auto action in the drop-down menu to the right of each listing. To learn more, visit Resolve stranded inventory issues.

Creating offers and managing inventory

With Remote Fulfillment, you can sell your products in both Canada and Mexico, or use the ASIN Status report to select just one marketplace.

You can create offers linked to your US inventory in the following ways:

  • Select automatic listing creation when you enroll or in the program settings page.
  • Create offers in bulk using Build International Listings. You can also manage pricing between US offers and Mexico and Canada offers in bulk.
  • Go to each marketplace account and use the standard process for adding a product. Remember to adjust your price to the local currency.

If you already have inventory of an ASIN located in Mexico or Canada, the ASIN will not be eligible for Remote Fulfillment until you have sold through that local inventory. If you have existing offers for Canada or Mexico but you don't have in-country inventory, those offers will begin to sell through Remote Fulfillment at their existing price at the time you enroll in the program.

If you are enrolled in Remote Fulfillment and decide you want to sell an ASIN locally instead, you can remove the ASIN from the program using the ASIN Status report. Sellers can't fulfill ASINs both locally and through Remote Fulfillment at the same time. You can use the report to add those offers back to Remote Fulfillment after your local inventory has sold out.

Important: Use a Global SKU to manage inventory across the US, Canada, and Mexico, or any combination of these countries.

If you have offers in Canada or Mexico that don’t match the US SKU, you will have two offers in the marketplace, potentially at different prices, when you create offers for Remote Fulfillment that match the US SKU. The ASIN Status report will tell you which offers are ineligible for Remote Fulfillment because of this. To add those ASINs to Remote Fulfillment and avoid conflicting offers, remove the marketplace-specific SKU.

If you create an offer on or but your ASIN Status report says the offer doesn’t exist, it’s probably because your item has a different SKU in the US. To fix the issue, create a new offer with the same SKU as the US ASIN. Then check your ASIN Status report again after 24 hours.

Managing your offers

To keep track of your offers, download the ASIN Status report on the Remote Fulfillment page. The file shows which of your ASINs:

  • Are eligible to be sold through Remote Fulfillment
  • Require an action before you can add them to the program
  • Have been removed from the program

You can add or remove ASINs for Canada and Mexico in the ASIN Status Report. After making any changes, upload the file to the Remote Fulfillment page. Eligible ASINs for which you have created offers should be active on and within 24 hours.

An ASIN can qualify for Remote Fulfillment but not be enabled for sale for a variety of reasons, including a problem with the listing or lack of inventory in the US. Review the More details column in your ASIN Status report for information on how to fix the problem.

Note: If you change an offer from Remote Fulfillment to local FBA fulfillment, the price will stay the same unless you adjust it. Once your local inventory runs out, send in more inventory or re-enable the ASIN for Remote Fulfillment.

Customer returns

Customer returns will be sent back to the US and are subject to the FBA customer returns policy. The FBA return processing fee will apply in categories for which Amazon offers free return shipping:

  • Apparel
  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes, handbags, and sunglasses
  • Luggage

For more information, visit Returns processing fee.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to file taxes in Canada or Mexico? Do I need a Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (RFC) number for Mexico or to become a non-resident importer (NRI) for Canada?

When customers buy products through Remote Fulfillment, they take title in the US, are the importer of record, and must pay any import duties, taxes, and fees when the products arrive in Canada or Mexico. Amazon simplifies this process by estimating the amount that will be due (the import fees deposit) and adding it to the amount the customer pays at checkout. The customer authorizes international carriers that partner with Amazon to pay this amount to Canadian or Mexican authorities on their behalf.

What are the impacts of removing seller-fulfilled offers for my SKUs that also have FBA offers?

Most sellers do not have seller-fulfilled offers for the same SKUs as their FBA offers. If you are one of the few who do and you enroll in Remote Fulfillment, we will set the seller-fulfilled inventory on that SKU to zero. This means customers will no longer see the seller-fulfilled offer for that SKU in any marketplace where the SKU exists. As long as you are either enrolled in Remote Fulfillment or have an FBA offer on the SKU, you won't be able to add seller-fulfilled inventory to it. You can create a new SKU for the seller-fulfilled offer if you want to keep it for sale.

I can’t find my ASIN in Canada or Mexico. What should I do?

You can create ASINs on and through feeds, the standard process for adding a product, or API, just as you did on

My ASIN doesn’t exist on How can I translate my US offer into Spanish?

You can find a directory of third-party translation providers on Amazon’s Service Provider Network.

The ASIN Status report says my offer isn’t valid. Why?

This can happen for a number of reasons. It could be that Amazon pulled the offer in the US because of counterfeit concerns, or because the item was out of stock or not approved for sale. Check the US listing to understand what could be wrong.

How do I get Brand Registry, Enhanced Brand Content, and A+ content for Canada and Mexico?

If you are new to Brand Registry 2.0, you can go through the Brand Registry process in all of the marketplaces when you enroll in Remote Fulfillment. However, if you have already completed the Brand Registry process for the US marketplace only, you will need to repeat it for Canada and Mexico.

Why does my Remote Fulfillment offer have a shipping cost?

Remote Fulfillment ASINs will show a shipping fee in Manage Inventory. However, the fee will appear on the detail page only for non-Prime customers in Canada and Mexico. Prime customers will not see a shipping fee.

How do I get paid?

You can assign your existing charge and deposit methods to Canada and Mexico. If you want to use a different method for either marketplace, contact Seller Support to alert them that you are making this change. This can help avoid any disruption in your account that could be caused by our fraud protection mechanisms. Also, you can have the proceeds from sales in Canada and Mexico deposited into your US bank using the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers.

Can I use Sponsored Products and deals in Canada and Mexico for my Remote Fulfillment items?

Yes, Sponsored Products and deals are available for both Canada and Mexico.

My product is not the Featured Offer even though my offer has the lowest price. Why?

The Featured Offer is affected by more than just price. For instance, your price may be lower but another offer might have faster delivery. Learn more.

If you are not looking at your offers on or through a Prime-enabled account for those marketplaces, your Remote Fulfillment offers will include shipping. This will affect the Featured Offer performance.

To see the local customer experience, use a Canada or Mexico address as the default to your account.

Why am I approved for certain brands or categories in the US but not in Canada or Mexico?

Sellers must get approval from Amazon before listing in certain product categories. These approvals are marketplace-specific, so sellers must apply in each marketplace. To request approval to sell in a new product category or check the status of an application, go to the Selling applications tool. To learn more, visit Categories and products requiring approval.

What if I want to stop using Remote Fulfillment?

If you want to leave the program, go to the program settings, click Unenroll from Remote Fulfillment with FBA, and click Unenroll. All of your Remote Fulfillment offers for Canada and Mexico will be removed, but we will not adjust your setting preferences.

Your FBA inventory will remain for sale in the marketplace where it’s located. No new inventory will be enabled for Remote Fulfillment unless you enroll in the program again.

If you have automatic listing creation enabled and want to stop having offers created in Canada and Mexico, you can adjust those settings through Build International Listings.

Remote Fulfillment with FBA

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