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FBA Onsite trial period

Once you have enrolled in FBA Onsite, your Prime trial period begins when you complete your first order. It concludes when you have completed 50 orders while meeting Onsite’s performance requirements.

During the trial period, your daily Prime limit will be set to 10 orders for products enrolled in Onsite. After the 10th order in a day, the Prime badge will be removed for these products.

Performance requirements

The following performance metrics are required during the trial period and throughout your enrollment in Onsite:

  • On-time pack of 100%
  • On-time shipment of at least 99.5%
  • Cancellation rate of no more than 0.5%

Prime eligibility for your node may be suspended if it falls short of these performance requirements. If your node is suspended, you must provide a plan of action in order to continue the trial period. A plan of action explains how you will correct the issue or issues.

For more information, including best practices and how to prepare a plan of action, visit FBA Onsite program performance requirements. You can monitor your metrics in the Performance tab of your business console.

Successful completion of trial period

After you have completed 50 orders, we will review your node within two business days. If you’ve met the performance requirements, we will notify you by email that your daily order limit has been removed.

Note: Be sure to update your daily order limit in the Performance tab of your business console after successful completion of the trial.
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