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Product safety

Product safety policy

We expect and require selling partners to offer safe products. You are responsible for ensuring that your products are safe and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, and practices.

To ensure product safety, you must have all applicable safety and compliance documentation for the products that you list. We may review certification and test reports for your products at any time.

For more information, go to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulated products.

Reinstate suppressed ASINs

If your ASIN is suppressed due to a potential safety issue, you will receive a notification with a description of the issue and next steps.

To reinstate your ASIN or remove your products, read the notification carefully and respond promptly if your response is requested.

If we do not receive a response from you within seven days of our initial outreach, we will close the case, your ASIN will remain suppressed, and we may dispose of inventory as provided in the Amazon services business solutions agreement.

If your case has been closed, open a case and appeal the suppression or request reinstatement.

Note: Please ensure that your primary email address is up to date.

Required information

To reinstate your listing, you may be asked to provide additional information within seven days of receiving a notification about a potential safety issue. Required information may include the following:

  • Most recent safety and compliance documentation (including test report from a CPSC-accepted third-party lab and a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)), if applicable
  • A plan of action, if requested
  • A list of supporting records from a CPSC-accepted third-party lab of all design or manufacturing changes, or any other material changes that have occurred since the product last underwent testing (if applicable)
  • Documentation certifying to ISO-9001 (if available)
  • Most recent in-line inspection reports that identify rejection reasons and acceptable quality limits

Note: If any changes are made to your product, you must also update your product detail page, including product images, so that your listing adequately reflects new and updated information.

Inventory removal

If your inventory is not reinstated or you do not try to recover it after a suppression, your inventory will be removed from fulfillment centers according to the conditions stated in the Amazon services business solutions agreement.

For information about how to recover your inventory, go to Remove inventory overview.

Stranded inventory is inventory that is physically in a fulfillment center without a buyable offer for 30 days or more. Since a product safety concern may result in the removal of your listing, your products will become stranded if you take no action to reinstate the offer or retrieve the product 30 days after the suppression. Amazon may destroy stranded inventory at your expense.

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