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FBA Inventory Management Tasks

The Manage Inventory page is the first step in many common FBA inventory tasks. You begin by selecting the inventory that you want, and then, on the Action on selected menu, choose one of the following:

  • Change to Fulfilled by Amazon

    When you send inventory to Amazon for fulfillment, you need to change the fulfillment method to Fulfilled by Amazon. For more information, see List Products for Fulfillment by Amazon.

  • Change to Fulfilled by Merchant

    You can change the Fulfilled by setting to specify that you fulfill the product yourself.

    Note: If inventory remains in the FC and the listing is changed to Fulfilled by Merchant, the inventory will be stranded. Review the Stranded inventory overview to identify this inventory.

  • Send/replenish inventory

    When you want to send inventory to Amazon for fulfillment, you begin by creating a shipping plan. For more information, see Send FBA inventory to Amazon.

  • Set replenishment alerts

    You can set alerts that let you know when you are running low on inventory. For more information, see Replenishment Alerts.

  • Match low price

    Quickly match the current lowest prices on Amazon for the products you offer. For more information, see Match Low Price.

  • Create removal order

    Have your non-sellable inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers either returned to you or disposed of. For more information, see Remove Inventory.

  • Create fulfillment order

    Submit an order you received through another sales channel for fulfillment by Amazon. For more information, see Submit or Cancel a Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order.

  • Print product labels

    Print Amazon product labels for selected inventory. For more information, see Use an Amazon barcode to track inventory.

  • Close listings

    You may close a listing at any time, up until the time it is purchased. This action does not remove the record from your inventory. For more information, watch this video.

  • Delete products and listings

    When you delete a listing, the SKU and all sales history and product information are permanently removed from your seller account. For more information, watch this video. Listings should not be deleted if inventory exists in the FC. Inventory associated with deleted listings is only visible on the Stranded inventory overview.

  • Advertise listing

    You can advertise your listing by using Sponsored Products, an advertising service that helps you promote the products you list on Amazon. For more information, see Advertise with Amazon and Sponsored Products.

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