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Vine enrollment fee for sellers

For products enrolled on or after October 12, 2021, Amazon Vine will charge an enrollment fee per parent ASIN.

When will the enrollment fee be charged?

We will charge a $200 enrollment fee for each enrolled parent ASIN starting October 12, 2021 and display the enrollment fee at the time of enrollment. The fee will be charged once per parent ASIN, seven days after the publication date of the first Vine review for that product.

What will happen if the product does not get any reviews?

We will not charge the enrollment fee if no reviews are received or the first Vine review is published more than 90 days from the date we make your product available to Vine Voices.

Will my currently enrolled products in the program be impacted by this change?

No, the fee will only be applicable to products enrolled in the program on or after October 12, 2021.

Can I get a refund if I do not like the rating or review?

No, we encourage authentic feedback about products and services that can be positive or negative as stated in our Community Guidelines. Amazon is unable to provide refund on Vine fees once the fee has been charged.

Will I be charged multiple times if I enroll an ASIN in multiple Amazon stores?

Yes, the enrollment fee will be charged per country.

How can I track Vine enrollment fees I am being charged for?

You can use Fee Explainer in your Payments report to locate Vine enrollment fees charged to your account.

  1. Select Payments under Reports in Seller Central.
  2. Select Transaction View on the Payments Dashboard.
  3. Click on the amount mentioned in the Total column.
  4. Click on any of the clickable amounts under Amazon fees.

Will my fee be taxable?

This fee may be taxable depending on the tax rules applicable in the country where you are selling and the country, state, province, and territory where your business is located. If your fee is taxable, you will see tax applied on the transaction detail page.

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