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Amazon-funded fee discounts

For listings with excess inventory, the Manage Inventory Health report provides recommendations to improve the sell-through rate.

Sometimes, taking recommended actions on excess inventory will also benefit Amazon. In those cases, we’re passing the savings on to you by offering a discount on referral fees for every unit sold when you adopt the recommended price and offer period.

Discounts are at least 30 cents per unit, up to a maximum of 25% of the referral fee.

We reserve the right to discontinue or change the details of this incentive without prior notice.

For more information, go to Referral fees.

Get referral fee discounts

Follow these steps to get referral fee discounts:

  1. Go to Manage Inventory Health and find ASINs with Create Outlet sale or Create Outlet deal recommendations. ASINs that are eligible for referral fee discounts will have a Fee discount available badge.
  2. Click the Fee discount available badge for discount details on a particular ASIN.
  3. Click the action button next to the ASIN:
    • If the recommendation is Create sale, create a sale at or lower than the recommended sale price. Follow the recommended sale start and end dates.
    • If the recommendation is Create Outlet deal, submit a deal for approval at or below the maximum recommended deal price. After you submit the deal, check the Outlet Deals report each Friday to find approved deals.
A referral fee discount will apply for each unit in a US fulfillment center that is sold at or below the recommended sale price during the incentive period that you specified for the sale or deal. A product is considered sold when it is shipped from an Amazon fulfillment center to the buyer.

Eligibility for referral fee discount

To receive the discount, you must meet the requirement as indicated in the offer. The discount is offered under this condition.

ASIN eligibility is determined based on the value that a sale or deal can bring to your supply chain, including reduction of your excess inventory and improvement of your Inventory Performance Index score.

For a list of eligible ASINs, go to Manage Inventory Health and filter by Available incentives.

Fee discount process

Once you have sales during the incentive period, the fee discounts will be subtracted from referral fees on sales that are made up to seven days later.

For example, if you sell products with referral fee discounts in on day 1 and the total fee discounts are $10, then a unit sold within seven days will have a reduction in referral fee of up to $10. If the referral fee for that product is less than $10, then the discount will continue for each unit sold until the $10 is fully redeemed to you.

Additional notes:

  • Redemptions can be applied for any future sale.
  • The maximum value of discounts that you can have per order is $1,000.
  • The maximum total discounts that you can have per day is $3,000.
  • Following the recommendations does not affect your chances to participate in other promotions or deals.

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