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When and how do I list a back-ordered product?

List a product, other than a BMVD product, as a "back-order" if you will accept orders for it now, but will not ship it until a later date (restock date) because the product is out of stock.

To list a back-order product, enter a future restock date for it, specifically, the date the product will be back in stock. Customers can then order the product, but they will see that it is not available to ship until the restock date.

To set up back-order products using an inventory file upload:

  1. Download the category-specific inventory file template.
  2. In the RestockDate column, enter the date when the product will be back in stock. Provide values for the following required columns: SKU, ItemPrice, and Quantity. You will also need to enter PartialUpdate in the UpdateDelete column.
  3. In your seller account, from the Inventory tab, select Add Products via Upload.
  4. On the Add Products via Upload page, upload your inventory file.

  • Back-order products will only show up on Amazon when the restock date is within 30 days of the current date. This is because you must ship within 30 days of a buyer placing an order.
  • The "promised ship date" is the date you promise to ship a product to the buyer. For a back-order product, Amazon sets the promised ship date to the restock date unless it is Saturday, Sunday, or certain holidays. In those cases, the promised ship date is the first available shipping date after the restock date.
  • BMVD products on Amazon must be shipped within two business days of the date the order confirmation is made available to you. Due to that, you cannot offer BMVD products for back-order.
  • This feature does not apply to products listed through the Fulfillment by Amazon service. The availability of Fulfillment by Amazon products is based on their fulfillable quantity in Amazon fulfillment centers.
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