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How can I protect myself against fake emails?

You can take some simple steps to protect yourself from fake emails—also known as phishing.

We recommend taking the following precautions:

  • Understand Amazon's basic policies: We never ask for your user ID or password in an email.
  • Do not click any hyperlinks in an email.
  • Do not give out any account or financial information in an email or to a web page that opened after clicking a link in an email.

In addition, the following practices can help protect you from future fraudulent emails.

  • Review About Identifying Whether an E-mail is from Amazon for information about phishing.
  • Consider changing the e-mail address associated with your seller account so that phishers can't use this e-mail address to contact you. For example, if your seller account uses, consider using a new or different e-mail, such as, for your contact information.
  • Do not use the same e-mail address as your sign in as you do for your customer contacts. For example, if you use as your sign in account, consider using an e-mail address such as for your notification or contact e-mail address.

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