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Price Update Policy

To maintain fairness for all our sellers and to protect the online shopping experience for our customers, we reserve the right to process a limited number of price updates in one day in accordance with our policy on the misuse of the Amazon selling service. Once the maximum daily allotment of price updates is reached, no further updates will be processed until the following day. To review our policy, please visit the Prohibited seller activities and actions page.

If you think your business requires a higher allotment per day, please contact Seller Support

What counts as a price update?

You can update the price of your listing through multiple mechanisms, including (but not limited to):

  1. Inventory loader
  2. Listing loader
  3. Price and Quantity file
  4. Custom templates
  5. Manage pricing page
  6. Manage your inventory page
  7. MWS

Where can you see how many price updates you have made?

We do not have a method to track of the number of price updates you make per day. You can estimate how many price updates you have made by reviewing the files you submitted on Add Products via Upload page and download the processing report in the Monitor Upload Status Tab to review the rows that have processed successfully.

Tips to avoid reaching the price update limit

We recommend that you review your price update usage to ensure compliance with our policy. Below are some tips and alternatives to help you stay within the limit while providing the best price for our customers.

Inventory File Templates

When using inventory file templates to submit updates, do not add price information if you only want to make changes to the inventory quantity of an item. Including a valid price, even if it is the same as the current price, will count towards your daily allotment of price updates.

Automate Pricing

Consider using the Amazon Automate Pricing tool available for all Professional sellers. The tool helps in automatically adjusting prices on SKUs in your catalog in response to events, such as the Buy Box winning price, without having to revisit the SKU every time you want to change your price. You control prices by defining rule parameters, setting minimum and maximum price boundaries, and selecting the SKUs to automate. Price changes made by the Automate Pricing tool do not count toward the daily price update allotment. See Automate Pricing to learn more.


Does the price update limit apply per marketplace or seller account?

The daily allotment for price update is set on a per marketplace per seller account.

How will I know when I have exceeded my daily allotment?

Any updates attempted after reaching the daily allotment will receive an error code of 8182 in the feed processing output. The error message will read “the price update limit for the day has been reached and no further updates will be processed today.”

What happens to price and other columns submitted in the same flat file if the price update has exceeded the daily allotment?

The entire update for that SKU will be rejected. To make any updates to SKUs other than price updates, you can submit a flat file with the desired changes and leave the price column blank.

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