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Troubleshooting FAQ for virtual product bundles

Creating bundles

I don’t have access to the tool or I see a ‘Page Not Found’ error

  • First, refer to the seller eligibility criteria. Note that you must be a brand owner.
  • If you are a secondary user of the Seller Central account, check your permissions to see if you have the ‘Product Bundles’ View & Edit permission. If you don’t, ask the primary account user to grant it.
  • If you are a brand owner meeting the eligibility criteria, but do not have access, go to the Brand Benefit Eligibility page to correct your status and gain access to all your brand benefits.

An entire brand that you own is not available for bundling while you are using the tool

If you are a brand owner, but a brand you own is not available for bundling, go to the Brand Benefit Eligibility page to correct your status and gain access to all your brand benefits.

An ASIN is not available for bundling, though other ASINs with the same brand name are.

  • Check the ASIN requirements for virtual bundles. ASINs must have in-stock FBA inventory in the 'New' condition that is active and buyable.
  • The ASIN must belong to your brand. This is usually caused by inaccurate listing data on the ASIN. Most commonly, the brand name you submit must match exactly with the brand name recorded in Brand Registry (i.e. adding spaces or hyphens will lead to a mismatch). To update the brand name, follow these steps:
    • Download the correct category-specific inventory file template.
    • Input all the mandatory fields into the template. Provide your brand name exactly as it is recorded in Brand Registry. Note that brand names are case sensitive.
    • In the Update/Delete field, select Update from the drop-down menu.
    • Save the file and upload it here in the Step 2- Upload File section.
  • If the ASIN is still not available for bundling after 24 hours, you can contact us and reference Virtual Bundles error code 7310c and tell us which ASIN(s) are missing.

    To ensure timely resolution of cases, before you contact us, use the bundles tool to make a list of all the missing ASINs that you want to include in bundles (if more than one). Add them all in the same case. Make sure the brand name you have submitted for each ASIN matches exactly with the brand name in Brand Registry, and that all the ASINs in the list have in-stock FBA inventory.

Managing Bundles

Note: If your bundle was not created correctly the first time, do not re-create it without first referencing this FAQ section to fix the underlying issue. Virtual bundles are designed to have a single offer and issues may arise when multiple offers are submitted. If you have a bundle with multiple offers, delete other offers until only one offer remains.

I submitted a bundle for creation; however, it does not show in Manage Inventory

  1. Make sure you have waited at least 24 hours.
  2. Check for your bundle in your Drafts. If your bundle is here, delete the listing and re-create your bundle using the bundles tool. When recreating, to reduce the chance of errors, use a SKU that you are not using for any offer in any marketplace and make sure to fill out each field (including all five bullet points).
  3. Remove all filters from your view in Manage Inventory. Both the Status filter and the Fulfilled by filters should be set to All. Virtual bundles will show the word ‘Bundle’ in the Status column.

Viewing bundles in Manage Inventory

I created a bundle and I can see it in Manage Inventory; however, I see a 404 error page (i.e. “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page”) when trying to visit the bundle’s detail page

  1. Make sure you have waited at least 24 hours.
  2. Check for your bundle in the Restricted Products dashboard and in your Performance Notifications. If your bundle was restricted incorrectly, follow the instructions on that page to address the issue.
  3. Search for the bundle ASIN in Manage Inventory. If two or more offers are returned for the same ASIN, you have created a duplicate bundle. Since virtual bundles are designed to have just one offer, we may temporarily remove or ‘yank’ virtual bundles with multiple offers to prevent issues. To restore the ASIN, first delete the extra offers until only one remains and then contact us and request that we ‘un-yank’ the bundle ASIN.

My bundle is out of stock, but I have inventory

  1. Check in Manage Inventory that each of the component items is in stock with active FBA inventory
  2. If that doesn’t work, re-publish your bundle by clicking Edit in Manage Inventory and clicking Save & Publish. Wait for 1 hour.

    In rare cases, sellers may face issues when one or more component ASINs in the bundle has an FBA offer and a Fulfilled by Merchant offer with the same SKU. This may happen when using a third-party application or connecting via API to manage listings/inventory.

    To check if this could be an issue, in Manage Inventory look up each of the component ASINs to see if they have an FBA and an FBM offer with the same SKU. If this is the case, you must close the FBM offer and stop feeding inventory from any third-party software. Then, change the FBA offer to Fulfilled by Merchant. Finally, immediately change that offer back to FBA and wait for 24 hours.

My bundle does not show a Buy Box

  1. Check the prices of your component ASINs and make sure that the price you entered into the bundles editor is less than the sum of the prices of the components.
  2. Go to Manage Inventory to edit your bundle.
  3. Click Edit, check that your bundle price shows correctly in the editor, click Save & Publish, and wait 24 hours.

My bundle is not showing images

  1. Go to Manage Inventory to edit your bundle. Double check that your images show correctly in the editor. Virtual bundle images must follow the product image requirements.
  2. Click Edit, click Save & Publish, and wait 24 hours.

I do not see the ‘Make it a bundle’ widget on the detail page of my main component ASIN

The widget is not visible on mobile browsers and apps at this time. The widget may not appear on ASINs that are not the ‘main component’ ASIN. The widget may not appear when a bundle loses its Buy Box or is unavailable for purchase. The widget is not guaranteed to display at all times or on all ASINs.

One of my SKUs for a component ASIN that was being included in virtual bundles has changed (or “remapped”), and now it is being used for a different component ASIN

This may cause problems with all bundles that contain those component ASINs. It is recommended that you identify any bundles that contain those component ASINs and delete all of the applicable bundle offers from Manage Inventory and your Drafts by clicking Delete product and listing.

Confirm your bundle offers were deleted successfully by going to the bundle detail pages. You can then re-create the bundle offers. The bundle ASINs will retain any reviews, sales history, etc.

I have a bundle with multiple offers on it

Virtual bundles are currently expected to have only a single offer at a time. Having multiple offers will cause problems with the bundle. If you notice this issue, delete the extra offers from Manage Inventory and your Drafts until only a single offer remains.

I use third-party listings/inventory software and I am having trouble managing virtual bundles

At this time, virtual bundles can only be created and should only be managed in Seller Central. Contact your integrator or service provider if you notice issues.

Tips for Bundles

How do I increase my bundle sales?

  • Add a discount.
  • Keep your bundle titles under 65 characters. Titles longer than that will be truncated when displayed in the ‘Make it a bundle’ widget.
  • Help shoppers discover your bundle:
    • Add it to your Store page.
    • Include it in your on-Amazon and off-Amazon marketing campaigns.
    • Use bundles to create unique offerings during key sales periods like Prime Day and Black Friday.

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