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About A-to-Z Guarantee claims

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The Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee protects customers when they purchase items sold and fulfilled by you directly. Our guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of items you sell. If customers are unsatisfied with either and cannot reach a resolution with you, we enable them to file a claim with us.

You can refer to the claim eligibility polices on the A-to-Z Guarantee customer help page.

Note: Customers are always required to contact you before filing a claim, either via Buyer-Seller messaging or a return request. If after 48 hours, customers are not satisfied, we enable them to file a claim – they can do this themselves or by calling Amazon Customer Service. If a claim is filed and we find that you have not responded to the customer’s contact within 72 hours, we will grant the claim and debit the amount from your account.

If we determine that additional information is required before we make a claim decision, we will reach out to you via email and you must respond within 72 hours. For help on how to respond to claim notifications, refer to the Respond to an A-to-Z Guarantee claim notification help page.

If a claim is granted to the customer and the amount is debited from your account, you have 30 calendar days to submit an appeal if you disagree with our decision and have new information for our investigation. For help on how to appeal claims, refer to the Appeal an A-to-Z Guarantee claim help page.

Manage your A to Z claims

When a claim is filed, you can manage and take following actions via the A-to-Z Guarantee Claims page:

Note: Claims under review do not currently require any action from you. Claims that have been granted and seller-funded offer the option to appeal.

We encourage you to check your email often so that you are aware of when you need to take action on a claim, as claims are one of the components to your Order Defect Rate (ODR).

If customers reach out to you, respond promptly to ensure a good customer experience. If a customer is requesting a return, direct the customer to submit a return request. Refer to What should I do if a buyer wants to return an item?

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