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Serving Customers Well - Feedback Matters

Building a trustworthy environment for customers to shop on is a very high priority with us. To build this sense of trust, we encourage and help our partners to achieve the same levels of service that Amazon customers are accustomed to.

When customers decide to buy a product, they need some assurance from other customers that the merchant is trustworthy. A high positive feedback rating provides the peace of mind that customers need to click that Buy button.

If you go through your feedback—positive or negative—you will notice that most customers care about the following:

  • Was the shipping fast?
  • Was the item packed well?
  • Was the tracking number communicated to the customer?
  • Were the customer e-mails answered, and answered promptly?
  • Was it easy to cancel an order or return an item?
  • Was it easy to reach the merchant's customer service representative?
  • And of course, was the product as good as the way it was described on the Web site?

If you can answer 'Yes' to all these questions, you should congratulate yourself.

We also encourage our merchants to actively manage feedback by doing the following:

  • Solicit feedback in all communications that go out to the customer, such as the packing slip. Include a link to and encourage customers to click the 'Leave seller feedback' link.
  • Investigate every negative feedback you receive to track the root cause of that problem and then to resolve it.
  • In most cases, work with the customer to make the experience better, by issuing a refund, shipping a replacement item, or even sending a complimentary gift certificate.
  • Monitor the feedback every week, seeking to maintain 95% positive ratings and a score of 4.5 or higher.

Encouraging product reviews

Conversion rate for products with positive reviews on detail pages is much higher than for products that have no reviews. We encourage you to include a link to the product detail page (which the customer just purchased from you) in the shipping confirmation e-mail that requests customers to write a review for the product. You will be surprised how customers respond if you make it easy for them to leave you feedback or write reviews for your products.

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