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Error 8016

What Causes Error 8016?

This error occurs when you do not provide enough product data to properly create a variation (parent/child) relationship between products. To create a variation (parent/child) relationship, you must provide a VariationTheme value for both the parent and the child product. For each child product, you must also provide the variation data that corresponds to the VariationTheme you indicated.

The most common causes for Error 8016 are:

  • Submitting a different VariationTheme for the parent SKU and the child SKUs within the same variation family.
  • The variation attributes associated to your variation theme are missing for the child SKUs.
    • For example, if you designate a VariationTheme value of "SizeColor" for your parent product and child products, you must also provide a specific size and color for each child product.

Error Message:

“The product data provided was insufficient for creating a variation (parent/child) relationship for SKU: [SKU]. Ensure that the parent and child share the same VariationTheme and that there is a submission for variation theme attributes (for example, size and color for SizeColor VariationTheme). For more information, see"

How to Solve and Prevent Error 8016:

To resolve this error using an inventory file, enter the data in the columns that correspond to your VariationTheme and ensure that the Parent and Child SKUs within the same variation family have the same VariationTheme.

For more information about creating parent/child relationships, visit: Creating Parent/Child Variation Relationships

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