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How do coupon budgets work?

The budget you set for your coupon will be shared among the following costs:

  1. USD equivalent of the discount you are offering to customers.
  2. Redemption fees ($0.60 for every redemption) charged by Amazon.

Example: you are offering a $4.00 coupon on a $25.00 product. The first day your coupon becomes active, 50 customers redeem the coupon (buy a coupon-eligible product after clipping the coupon). Your cost regarding these transactions will be calculated as follows:

(USD equivalent of the discount you are offering x number of redemptions) + (redemption fees x number of redemptions)

($4.00 x 50) + ($0.60 x 50) = $200 + $30 = $230

Your budget will be depleted by $230 the following day as a result of this customer interest in your coupon. We will take your coupon offline once your budget is 80% utilized.

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