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Faster transit times for international sellers

Configuring faster Transit Times for your products is essential to maximize customer experience and improve sales. Setting faster Transit Times results in faster estimated Delivery Times, which is displayed on the product detail page and at checkout, making buyers more likely to purchase your item. Items with faster Delivery Times are also more likely to win the Buy Box on Amazon.


For international sellers, in order to be eligible to set faster Transit Times than the default Transit Times, you must meet the following performance requirements (based on orders within the past 30 calendar days):

Check your Performance metrics.

In order to retain privileges to use this feature, you must continue to report realistic and accurate delivery speeds. Failure to maintain Valid Tracking Rate of > 95% and On-Time Delivery of > 97% may result in this feature being disabled. When your eligibility is revoked, any faster Transit Times you set will be reverted back to the default.

How to set faster Transit Times

To set a faster Transit Time, you can change the Transit Time in Shipping Settings. Learn how to modify your Transit Time.

When you become eligible to set faster Transit Times, if you are shipping from one of the following regions to the United States, Amazon will update the Transit Time in your shipping templates to a new, faster Transit Time. All new shipping templates you create will have the new Transit Time.

Shipping Location Default Transit Time New Transit Time
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau 14-28 days 10-20 days
United Kingdom 10-20 days 7-14 days
Germany 14-28 days 10-20 days

To access this feature, you will need to migrate to the new Shipping Settings.


If your eligibility is revoked and you want to appeal, please respond to the Performance Notification in your Account Health dashboard with a plan that shows you identified the problems in your delivery performance and addresses how you changed your practices to resolve them. Common remedies include:

  • Ship your packages using Amazon integrated carriers that provide tracking. See all the integrated delivery services in the U.S.
  • Upload tracking information with each shipment confirmation.
  • Use Buy Shipping Services to purchase tracked shipping labels.
  • Ship faster by reducing your Handling Time.
  • Ship faster by using a faster shipping method.

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