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Request exemption from automatic return approvals

You can request exemptions for certain SKUs from prepaid returns. Exempted SKUs do not require the product to be returned by the buyer.

Request exemption for a prepaid return

  1. Download the Returns Attributes template and follow the instructions in the file.
  2. Choose the appropriate reason code for your exemption.
  3. Save the template as a tab delimited (*.txt) file. Ensure you save the file while the ReturnAttributes tab is displayed.
  4. Go to the Returns Settings page and click Return Attribute Overrides.
  5. Upload your (*.txt) file.

Request exemptions in bulk

  1. Identify whether your SKU falls under one of the categories listed on the Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders help page under Exemptions.
  2. Download the Returns Attributes template.
    • Follow the steps under the Instructions tab to prepare your Returns Attribute template.
    • Indicate the exemption reason code the SKU falls under.
    • Once you have completed the ReturnAttributes tab in the template, ensure that no Excel filters are applied, and then save the template. Save as an Excel workbook file in an accessible location on your computer. This will allow you to make changes after uploading the template.
    • Save the template as a tab delimited (*.txt) file in order to upload the file. Ensure that ReturnAttributes is the tab displayed before you save.
    Note: The exemption request will not go through properly if you save and upload any other tab.
  3. Go to your Returns Settings page.
    • Click the Return Attribute Overrides link.
    • Upload your ReturnAttributes tab delimited (*.txt) file that you saved before.

      To verify if you uploaded the exemption template correctly, view the "Upload History". Your submission also displays under Processing Report after it has been scanned for errors. You will get a message if there are any problems with the submission, such as an invalid reason code.

      Note: While your exemption request is pending investigation, the SKU will be set to its default returns. If the exemption is approved, your returns of that product will be handled by manual authorization. If the exemption is rejected, returns will be auto-authorized and will receive a prepaid return label.

Exemption request status

You can check the status of all your exemption requests in Seller Central. To download the Exemptions Status report

  1. Point to the Reports tab in Seller Central, and then click Return Reports.
  2. Under Generate one-time report, select Exemption feed.
  3. Enter the Batch ID of the Return Attribute template that you want to check.
  4. Once the Exemption feed has finished processing, download the CSV under Generated reports to view the status of your SKUs.
Note: You will need to generate a new Exemption feed each time you check the status of your SKUs.

Consider the following:

  • If the Decision states that the SKU was been "Approved," the SKU will be set to manual authorization. If the Decision states the SKU has been "Denied," the SKU will remain part of the program and will be automatically authorized.
  • While your SKU is being reviewed, it will show on the Exemption feed as "Approved - Temporary". If multiple Return Attribute files have been uploaded, any SKU that has already been approved will override all denied request.
  • If an error occurs with the processing of the SKU, it will show on the Exemption feed as "Rejected". This does not mean the SKU has been denied, but you will need to reach out to Seller Support for some tips in resolving the issue.

SKU opt-in for prepaid returns

If you have successfully exempted a SKU out of the auto-authorized prepaid returns requirement, you can opt it back in for any reason. To opt a SKU back into prepaid returns, simply submit the request. Auto-authorized returns do not require approval, they take effect immediately.

  1. Enter SKUs that have been previously approved for an exemption under the ReturnAttributes tab in the Returns Attributes template.
  2. Mark "Yes" in Pre-Paid Label column (B). Leave other columns blank.
  3. Save the template as a Text (tab delimited *.txt) file.
  4. Go to the Returns Settings page and then click on the Return Attribute Override link.
  5. Click on Select File under the Upload file section to upload your Exemption Request File.

For more information on this process, review the Instructions tab on the Return Attributes Template.

Note: If a product falls into the Ineligible Returns category, the return will not receive a prepaid label, regardless of the SKU being opted in or out.
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