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European VAT frequently asked questions

I received a 60-day deadline from Amazon to add a VAT number for my,,,, or seller account. What do I need to do?

You must provide a valid VAT number registered for your business in that country, and upload it to Seller Central within 60 days. If you do not complete this step, you may not be allowed to sell on that website.

Can I upload a One Stop Shop number instead of a VAT ID?

This depends on how you have structured your business. When using our FBA solution and store inventory in multiple countries, you will likely require a VAT registration number in each country. For the EU distance sales, which are taxed in each country of your customer, you are able to request/register for the One Stop Shop VAT return in your EU Member State of residence to avoid additional VAT registrations due to distance sales.

For more information, go to EU VAT on e-Commerce

You can download the manual about how to apply for OSS in different countries. See the following.

Germany ; France ; Italy ; Spain ; Poland ; Austria ; Sweden ; Netherlands ; Czech Republic.

I received a 60-day deadline but cannot add the required VAT number within 60 days as my VAT number application is in progress. Can I have an extended deadline?

To request an extended deadline, you must inform us your VAT number application is in progress and confirm that you will be clearing all retrospective payments to the relevant tax authority. Once you make these acknowledgments, you will be given additional 60 days to provide the VAT number.

Where can I acknowledge and apply for a deadline extension?

Go to Tax compliance acknowledgement to request your extension.

Where can I add a VAT number in Seller Central?

Go to VAT/GST Registration Numbers, and enter your available VAT numbers by country.

What is considered a valid VAT number?

In general, a VAT number is valid only when the business name registered for the VAT number matches your legal name in Seller Central.

We can only accept a VAT number issued by the applicable tax authority.

The business name registered for my VAT number does not match my Seller Central legal name because of a clerical mistake. What should I do?

We cannot accept VAT numbers that don't match your legal name. You must contact the relevant tax authority to either update your business name for the VAT number registered or request them to provide a new VAT number belonging to the legal name in your seller account.

You may also choose to change your business name in Seller Central, but this may (re)trigger the account verification process, and you will have to provide relevant proof to clear this verification.

Contact Seller Support for questions or problems with your legal name change:Seller Support.

Where can I get help with my VAT registration obligations?

VAT Services on Amazon is a VAT compliance solution that allows you to manage your English and European VAT registration and filing obligations. We collaborate with multiple tax service providers to enable VAT compliance in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic.

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