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Order fulfillment policy for Prime Now sellers

This policy applies to all sellers who provide picking and packing services.

Picking and packing

Sellers must pick and pack their products in accordance with the performance standards and procedures set forth below and all details in the customer order.

  • Pack all products in containers provided or otherwise determined by Amazon.
  • Transfer those products to Amazon (or Amazon’s applicable service provider) at the applicable cross-dock location.
  • Sellers will bear all risk of loss for each product until Amazon confirms receipt of the product at the cross-dock location.
Important: Amazon’s confirmed receipt of products at the cross-dock location does not indicate or imply that any product has been delivered to Amazon free of loss or damage, or that any loss or damage to any product later discovered occurred after confirmed receipt of delivery.

Performance standards

Sellers must assign dedicated staff to provide picking and packing services in connection with sales of its products through the Prime Now service during all hours of service. Amazon will help sellers determine the optimal staffing per order volume. Additionally, Amazon will provide sellers the Amazon Prime Now fulfillment application. The fulfillment application is compatible with iPhones and iPods. Sellers are required to equip its picker and packer staff with either device.

To fulfill customer orders

When a customer places an order, sellers will be notified through the fulfillment application, by email, or by other means available as determined by Amazon.

Pick the order

  1. Review the order fulfillment information for the applicable delivery window selected by the customer.
    • If the customer selects 1-hour delivery, complete the pick and pack process within 15 minutes after the order fulfillment information is transmitted.
    • If the customer selects a 2-hour delivery window, complete the pick and pack process no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the applicable delivery window. If the order is packed earlier, store the products at the appropriate temperatures in accordance with applicable food safety standards and otherwise in accordance with applicable laws.
  2. Open the fulfillment application to begin the pick process.
  3. Pick the items included in the order in accordance with the order fulfillment information.
  4. Transfer the picked items to the designated pack station.

Pack the order

  1. Place an Amazon data matrix sticker on an Amazon bag.
  2. Open the fulfillment application and scan the sticker to begin the pack process.
  3. Scan each item when you place it into the bag.
  4. Scan the bag closed when full, and start a new bag, if necessary. Repeat this process until all items are packed.
  5. Close each bag with a sticker provided by Amazon. Denote fragile items with a red sticker on the bag.
  6. Manually label the bags, for example, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and so on.
  7. Store the packed bags in a pre-designated location so that couriers dispatched by Amazon can quickly find, scan, and pick up orders for delivery.
Note: When the packer completes the order, Amazon and the customer will be alerted that the order is packed and ready for delivery.
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