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Jewelry product data updates - FAQ

What are the 'valid values' for Department Name and Item Type Keyword?

Current valid values for Item Type Keyword are listed in the Browse Tree Guide (BTG). The BTG for Jewelry is available on Templates for Specific Categories page.

Valid values for Department Name are:

  • womens
  • mens
  • unisex-adult
  • girls
  • boys
  • unisex-child

What are the 'valid values' for Material Type, Metal Type, Gem Type and Pearl Type?

Current valid values for these attributes are listed in the Valid Values tab of the Jewelry Inventory File Template.

How can I make sure my ASIN data is going to be accepted when I create or update ASINs?

Use the Check My File feature before uploading your inventory file.

I cannot access the inventory file upload tool. What should I do?

Jewelry category policy states that Jewelry sellers must be subscribed to a Professional selling plan, which is available for a monthly fee. Only sellers with a Professional selling plan can use the inventory file upload tool to update ASINs. If you do not currently have a Professional selling plan, you may switch to one immediately. For more information, read Switch to a Professional Selling Plan.

I uploaded new ASIN data, but the new data is not showing up on the ASIN, or I am receiving an error when I attempt to make the update. What should I do?

Try uploading your Inventory File with 0 units of inventory for the ASIN, then upload it again with the actual units you have in stock. If this does not resolve the issue, then download a fresh Category Listings Report and check your ASIN data. If the new data you submitted is still not updated, there are following two reasons:

Reason #1: If there is more than one seller with an active offer on an ASIN, certain specifications data cannot be updated for that ASIN.

  • If you have created a private label-branded ASIN, and other sellers have active offers on this ASIN, those sellers are violating Jewelry category policy. Follow the steps given below:
    1. On Seller Central, Report a Violation. Be sure to include the seller names, seller storefront URLs and a list of ASINs for each seller offering your private label ASINs.
    2. Once we have removed the unauthorized offer(s), re-try uploading your inventory file template.
  • If you aren't the owner, licensee or authorized seller of a brand, create a new ASIN for your product and assign a Brand Name of 'Unbranded' or your own private label brand.
Note: the brand mentioned in an ASIN's title, bullets and product description must match the brand assigned as the Brand Name. See Jewelry category policies and requirements for more information on brand names and the ASIN-matching policies.

Reason #2: If you aren't the brand owner for the ASIN's brand, another seller may be the Amazon Brand Registry brand owner for that ASIN, or Amazon Retail may be also offering that ASIN.

If this is the case, the Retail or brand owner's data submission will always take precedence over yours, if you would like to update an attribute to a different value than they submitted. Follow the steps given below:

  1. In Seller Central Contact Us, click Selling on Amazon, Products and inventory and then Issue listing products.
  2. Either select 'Provide a Batch ID' option and enter it, or select 'I don't have an ASIN or SKU or Batch ID' option, then click Next.
  3. Under 'What can we help you with?' click Inventory file upload issue and click Next.
  4. Click the Email tab.
  5. Click the Add attachment button and attach an inventory file template with only those ASINs that are not displaying your submitted data on their detail pages.
  6. Enter the following information before you click Send:
    • Contact Reason: My inventory template update is not updating ASIN data
    • Please describe your inventory file issue: I need to update ASIN data for the ASINs in the file attached. I have uploaded an inventory file template with the correct ASIN data. Please check if [the brand] is registered on the Amazon Brand Registry. If it is, please forward this inventory file template to the brand owner and ask that they update these ASINs to the correct values. If it isn't, then please ask the Category Merchant Manager to update these ASINs.
    • Batch ID: (enter your batch ID)
    • SKU: See attached file

I updated my ASINs successfully, but now some of my offers have been canceled. Why?

Sellers who wish to sell jewelry made with precious metals, gemstones or pearls must receive special permission to do so. If you do not have this permission, re-apply to the Jewelry category via the link at the bottom of the Jewelry page and indicate your intention to sell jewelry made with fine materials.

Why have some of my ASINs been suppressed?

There are several reasons Jewelry ASINs may be suppressed. The Suppressed tab under the menu Inventory > Manage Inventory usually provides the reason each ASIN has been suppressed. For more information on possible causes and how to fix suppressed listing, read Suppressed Listings.

Other important information and references

Be sure to read and understand the following policies:

For more information about best practices for populating Jewelry product data, read:

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