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Seller Fulfilled Prime enrollment revocation

While you are enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime, you must continue to maintain the Seller Fulfilled Prime performance requirements to remain enrolled in the program.

Amazon will evaluate your Prime eligibility each day. If your performance metrics fall below the established thresholds, or if you violate the program terms, your enrollment in the program may be revoked. The Prime badge will be disabled on your offers, and your program status will change to Ineligible under the Premium Shipping Programs section in the General Shipping Settings. You will be unable to offer products with the Prime badge on your seller-fulfilled listings until you are able to satisfy all performance metrics and program terms.

How do I get reinstated?

If your eligibility to participate in Seller Fulfilled Prime has been revoked, we may require you to provide us with a Plan of Action that explains the issue, including a root cause analysis, and a description of the steps you will take to prevent similar issues in the future. You can review the Seller Fulfilled Prime performance metric requirements prior sending in a Plan of Action. Plans of Action can be submitted by clicking the Create POA button on the Seller Fulfilled Prime Performance dashboard.

The following are some examples of performance issues and we also offer suggestions for how to resolve them.

Your program eligibility was revoked due to: Action
On-time Shipment rate Review your late shipments in the defect report and identify the late ship root cause.
Tip: Use a ship method that will deliver your packages by the delivery date promised to the customer.
Buy Shipping services usage rate Review your defects report for orders with an “X” in the Shipped outside Buy Shipping column.
Tip: Use an approved API to purchase shipping labels through Buy Shipping Services.
Cancellation rate Review your inventory management and inventory control processes. If you find that your listed products are chronically out of stock, monitor your inventory daily to ensure you never list products that you cannot ship immediately.
Delivery Speed Metrics Enable or increase Prime coverage of One-Day Delivery by adding more states to your Prime shipping templates.
Note: If you are using Shipping Region Automation to set your Prime regions, you may improve coverage by adding additional shipping services and/or updating the delivery zone limit of the shipping services.
Weekend Operation Ensure your Prime badge is still enabled throughout the weekend.
Note: A Saturday cut-off can be set as early as 10:30 AM. Weekday cut-off will remain no earlier than 2:00 PM.
Weekend Delivery Use shipping services that pick-up and deliver to customers over the weekend. For more information, see the Order fulfillment settings page to learn how you can customize your order fulfillment settings including order cut-off times, weekend operations, and weekend delivery.
Note: If you are shipping with multiple carriers and have pick-up schedules that vary by day of the week, we encourage you to adjust the order cut-off/last pickup times for every day of the week for each carrier.
Nationwide Delivery coverage Confirm that the Prime regions selected in the shipping templates for your standard-size products cover the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. Buy Shipping will surface ship methods that meet the customer promise based on your templates.

If your Plan of Action is approved, your eligibility to participate in Seller Fulfilled Prime will be restored.

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