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Product Pricing and Selection Guidelines

All Sellers must adhere to the following policies when listing Products on Amazon.


To ensure that our customers have access to a large selection of Products at competitive prices:

  • Selection: At a minimum, list your top-selling subscription product. Amazon customers want the best you have! Other than this requirement, you are free to determine which of your products you decide to offer through the Subscribe with Amazon Program.
  • Price: For any Product, ensure that there is parity between the terms of offers on Amazon and those in Seller Sales Channels. This means that you will list it at a Purchase Price and on terms that are at least as favorable to Amazon customers as the most favorable terms you set on other Seller Sales Channels.

Exceptions to Parity Requirement

This parity requirement does not affect your ability to offer your Products elsewhere as part of "bundles," including bundles with physical products, that the Subscribe with Amazon Program does not support.

Non-compliance with Parity Requirement

If for any reason you don't comply with this parity requirement, Amazon may give you notice of such non-compliance in writing (including via email). If you are not in compliance with the requirements of these Product Pricing and Selection Guidelines within 24 hours of Amazon's initial notice to you, you authorize Amazon, on your behalf, to immediately reduce the Purchase Price on the applicable Product and match any other more favorable terms until you demonstrate to Amazon that you are in compliance. In addition, if requested, you will cooperate with Amazon to compensate adversely affected customers, including by making, or authorizing Amazon to make on your behalf, appropriate refunds to them.

Pricing Changes

You may adjust the Purchase Price of your Product at any time. However, we do not currently support functionality that allows you to change the renewal Purchase Price.

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