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Sales Rank FAQ

How is sales rank calculated?

Sales rank is calculated based on all-time sales of an ASIN/Product where recent sales are weighted more than older sales.

Why do I not see any sales rank for my Product/ASIN?

Sales ranks are displayed for an ASIN with a sale record and if it has been assigned to the featured categories. Sales ranks are not generated for all categories because not all of them are useful to our customers. While we update best sellers list every hour, it can take up to 12 hours for an order to show the sales rank. In some cases not seeing a sales rank can be because of filtering rules applied during sales rank generation.

Note: Featured categories are special browse nodes. You can check with Selling Partner Support if you have been assigned to the correct featured categories.

Why did my sales rank reduce or not increase after having a lot of sales?

Sales ranks are relative. While your product has had a lot of sales, there may have been other products in the same category that might also have seen an increase. Also sales rank takes into account both recent and historical sales to determine rank.

How are variations handled when it comes to sales rank?

Variations handling depends on the Website Display Group (wdg) of the parent ASIN. In some stores, we add up all the sales for a child ASIN and apply it to the parent ASIN. In these stores, parent ASINs and child ASINs will have the same rank. In other stores, we count the orders for each child ASIN separately and generate sales rank for each child ASIN. Ensure that your child and parent ASINs are assigned to the same website display group, and the parent ASIN has the right browse categories assigned to it or you might not see a sales rank for the same.

How can I get a best seller badge?

Best seller badges are achievement awards that are assigned to those ASIN’s that are featured as #1 in a featured category with at least 100 products. In addition to this, there are ordering thresholds that are placed on ASINs. These are different in different marketplaces. We do not show best seller badges on product detail pages for stores where orders of the child ASINs are assigned to the parent and a sales rank is generated for the parent ASIN. We keep revisiting and experimenting with this criteria to ensure our best seller badges continue to be useful to our customers.

How can I get a New release badge?

New release badges are achievements awards provided to ASINs that are #1 best sellers among the new releases in a category. The definition of new release varies from category to category. Ensure that the release date (street date), publication date (if applicable) and product site launch date for your ASINs are accurate.

Why do free books not show 3 sub category ranks?

This is a known issue that affects free e-books. The issue is caused because e-books are also categorized in physical book categories and requires a complex fix. We will fix this, at the latest, by end of year 2016.

How can I fix an issue with my Product/ASINs image on the best seller list pages?

The best seller list requires a medium resolution image. You can use the self-service media management tool to ensure that the image is uploaded correctly.

Why does another product with lesser reviews or poorer ratings have a higher sales rank than my product?

Sales rank is generated based on order data and product reviews are not taken into consideration. Also number of reviews is not necessarily a direct indication of the number of sales.

Why is there an increase in sales rank, when Kindle Unlimited reports does not show an increase in qualified consumption?

The impact of Kindle Unlimited (KU) borrow on sales rank is based on considering aspects of the borrow that are different than the one used to generate the author payout. For questions on KU payout, contact your Kindle support specialist.

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