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Change a product’s category

Individual selling plan:

When a product is created in the wrong category, contact Seller Support to correct it.

Professional selling plan:

Submit a category change on a product using an inventory file template on Add a Product via Upload.

Sellers with a professional selling plan can submit a category change if the following are true:

Buy Box winner: If you are the Buy Box winner, you can change the category for the detail page.

Brand owner: If you are the brand owner for the product and the product meets the following criteria, you can change the category for the detail page.

  • The product is part of a brand that you have enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • The ASIN of the product is registered under your registered brand.
  • Amazon has approved you to sell in the category you are requesting to change it to.

Submit a category change:

  1. Go to Add Products via Upload and generate the appropriate inventory file template.
  2. Enter your product information and include the new category in the Item Type Keyword column.
  3. Upload the file on the Check and Upload your Inventory File tab of the Add Products via Upload page.

To report the incorrect categorization of products to Seller Support, request a product page fix and provide details on the category change needed. We will review your proposed changes and update the product page as needed.

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