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Split Different Products into Different Pages

Amazon supports only one product detail page for a given unique product in order to provide a positive shopping experience. In some cases, Amazon may incorrectly assign a listing to a product detail page that represents a different product. Amazon may also merge multiple product detail pages with identical attributes into one product detail page to avoid customer confusion and difficult product search and purchasing decisions.

Product pages eligible for splitting

When a product detail page contains listings for more than one physical product, you can request that new pages be created for each individual product.

In order for Amazon to create a new detail page, at least one of the following must be different for the products:

  • Product identifiers such as UPC, EAN, or ISBN
  • Item package quantity
  • Product brand
  • Physical attributes such as color, size, or fragrance

If all of the attributes are the same as your offer, your offer will remain available on the one combined product detail page.

If any of the attributes above do not match, submit a request to split the product by following these steps:
  1. Go to Contact us.
  2. Select Selling on Amazon, Products and Inventory, then Product page issue.
  3. Under What kind of issue are you having? select Merge duplicate or split product pages.
  4. Select Split and provide the requested information.
Your request will be reviewed, and we will notify you through your case log whether your request is approved or not.

If a combined product detail page is split, all offers (including those with FBA inventory), sales and reviews stay with the original detail page and remain active and available for sale without interruption.

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