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What can I do if my bank account information is rejected?

Perform these steps to verify your bank account information in order to validate the account information associated with your seller account:

  1. Go to Settings and click on Account Info.
  2. On the Seller Account Information page, under Payment Information, click Bank Account Information.
  3. You can verify your account through the Deposit method page, click on Manage Deposit Methods, and click Verify account to start the verification.
  4. On the Verify Deposit Method page, upload your bank documents using the Upload a copy button.
  5. Verify the following:
    • The name on the document matches the name you entered in Seller Central.
    • Bank logo, account number, and account holder’s name are clearly displayed.
    • The date on the documents is less than 180 days old.
    • The document is not a screenshot.
    • Upload full document and black out transaction details you do not want to share.
  6. Verify the information on your document is accurate by selecting the four check boxes. Click Submit for verification. Click Continue on the pop-up screen. The success message ‘Your document has been successfully submitted’ is displayed.

Note: The document verification can take up to four business days.

Reasons for bank account rejection

Following are some common reasons for a bank account rejection:

  • The information entered for the Deposit Method Information does not match the bank account information. You entered information for a US checking account, but the bank's 9-digit routing number, your bank account number, or the numbers from the bottom of the check were mistyped. Confirm and re-enter the information.
  • Your bank is not located in a country supported by Amazon Currency Converter or Hyperwallet.
  • You entered the numbers from the bottom of a deposit slip instead of a check. Although these are often the same, in some cases they might not be. Re-enter the numbers using a check.
  • Your new bank account validation fails. This happens when details of new bank account added is not correct and you need to enter another valid bank account for the same.

To add new back information or to update existing bank account information to your seller account, refer to Add, view, and update your bank account information.

Common issues encountered while adding a new bank account information

  • If the country you want to select is not listed in the Bank Account drop-down, set your Business Address correctly and then try to update your bank account.
  • If you are unable to access the bank account page or see a forbidden message, ensure either you are the primary user of the account or ask the primary user to grant you the appropriate permissions to use this page. If you are the primary user, click here to grant access to other users.

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