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Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate

Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate is the percentage of customers who are not satisfied with your responses in Buyer-Seller Messaging.

When you respond to a buyer message about an order, we include a customer survey immediately below your response asking "Did this solve your problem?" Buyers can respond "Yes" or "No." Only you can see a buyer’s response.

Note: If a customer changes their response to the question your Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate will adjust to reflect the customer’s latest response.

View your performance indicator

You can see the Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate performance indicator in the Performance Checklist on the Performance Metrics page. This is in addition to the Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate displayed further down the page.

Rate calculation

Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate is the number of "No" votes divided by the total number of survey responses expressed as a percentage.

Customer Service Dissatisfaction is specific to orders, and we only count the latest survey vote for each order. For example, if a buyer responds "No," but you later address the issue and the buyer changes their response to a "Yes," we use the "Yes" and not the "No" to calculate your metric.

Performance target

The Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate performance target for sellers is less than 25%. We recommend you use this metric to help you understand customer satisfaction with your responses in the Buyer-Seller Messaging service. At this time, there is no penalty for not meeting the performance target. However, buyers with unresolved problems are more likely to submit negative feedback and claims.

Download a report

You can download a report of your recent survey responses:

  • On the Performance Metrics page, scroll down to Buyer-Seller Contact Metrics, and under Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate, click Request Report.

We encourage you to use this report to understand where you’re doing well and when appropriate make improvements to your Customer Service policies.

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