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Amazon Giveaway for FBA

For FBA sellers, Amazon Giveaway serves as a marketing tool to set up sweepstakes promotions using your Amazon products as prizes. Giveaway hosts choose the type of giveaway they want to run, the number of prizes they want to offer, and set the odds. We take care of the rest, with targeted marketing to customers likely to buy, selection of winners, and shipment of prizes to the winning customers.

How Amazon Giveaway works

Anyone with an Amazon account can set up a giveaway by choosing an eligible item to offer as a giveaway prize.

Giveaway hosts buy the prizes at the listed price and pay any applicable tax and shipping costs. Because the winners and their locations are unknown when the giveaway is set up, the charge a host pays up front includes estimated tax and shipping costs. The host receives a refund at the time the prize is awarded if the actual tax or shipping costs was lower than estimated (the refund equals the difference between the estimated and actual costs). If a giveaway prize is not claimed, the host receives a refund for the cost of the giveaway prize.

Requirements for enabling FBA selling accounts

Only sellers with Professional selling accounts are eligible to make their products available for Amazon Giveaway. For more information, see Individual and Professional Selling Plans.

Additional requirements are determined by the Amazon Giveaway program. For more information, see Amazon Giveaway: Frequently Asked Questions.

Enabling giveaways in your seller account

  1. Go to Fulfillment by Amazon Settings in Seller Central..
  2. Under Giveaways Settings, click Edit, then enable Giveaways. It may take up to 24 hours for your offers to become eligible after you enable Amazon Giveaway in your seller account.
Important: When you enable Amazon Giveaway for your products, all of your products become eligible for selection by Amazon Giveaway hosts.

Setting up your own FBA giveaway

You can start from the Giveaway page in Seller Central or follow these steps:

  1. Go to Promotions in Seller Central.
  2. Click Create in the Giveaway section.
  3. Choose your product and click Set up a giveaway.

Ending participation

You can withdraw from the Amazon Giveaway program at any time by following these steps:

  1. Go to Fulfillment by Amazon Settings in Seller Central.
  2. Under Giveaways Settings, click Edit, then disable Giveaways.

Important: All Selling on Amazon and FBA fees apply to FBA products selected as giveaways. Sales will not be reported in your seller account until the giveaway is complete. Giveaway inventory will appear as Reserved in your seller account until the Giveaway is complete. If you use the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, any emails you send will be directed to the host, not to the winner. Amazon reserves the right to remove products or offers from Amazon Giveaway, terminate a seller's eligibility for the program, modify the terms of this agreement, or terminate the program at any time.
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