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Migrate accounts with shipping overrides

When you migrate your account to the new shipping settings, your overrides are replaced by shipping templates. You can create up to 20 templates, each with different settings for different sets of SKUs.

Migrate your account with shipping overrides

Open Shipping Settings and click Learn more, which will launch a slide show. Then follow these steps:

  1. When you get to the No more shipping overrides section, there will be a link where you can download your shipping override report. This can take about 1 minute per 3000 products.
    • The report lists the current shipping overrides for every SKU.
    • In addition, you can also download this tool to get shipping template recommendations based on your overrides.
  2. Continue to Start migration.
  3. Create more shipping templates as needed.
    • Use the shipping override report to determine how many shipping templates you need.
    • We recommend you simplify your shipping rates as much as possible. For example, you can offer free shipping to help increase sales and improve your chances of winning the buy box.
  4. Assign your SKUs to the new shipping templates either through the inventory page or by preparing the inventory loader feed. Enter the shipping template name in the merchant shipping group column of the inventory loader file.
  5. Click Activate migration.
  6. Verify the migration.
    • Download the active inventory report on the inventory reports page. Verify each SKU has been assigned to the preferred shipping template.
Note: External applications that send feeds to our systems will need to be updated to support the new MerchantShippingGroupName field in the product XML feed. Use this field to assign SKUs to a specific shipping template.

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