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Potentially Hazardous Returns

Some returns are identified by Amazon systems as containing "potentially hazardous" material. ASINs are given this designation as part of initial screening at time of ASIN creation. Any ASINs that fall into this category are not eligible for prepaid returns.

For example, a bottle of nail polish may fall into the "potentially hazardous" category. Refer to the Hazardous and Dangerous Items page for more information.

These products will be identified with a warning indicating that they may be potentially hazardous. Amazon leaves these returns at your discretion. All ASINs categorized as "potentially hazardous" will require your manual authorization before a customer can complete the return and ship the product back to you. Refer to Set your return preferences for more information on manual authorization.

When processing a potentially hazardous return, verify that you can receive the product at your returns facility, and coordinate with the customer to ensure they have the appropriate shipping and hazmat labels before sending the product back to you.

Note: Prepaid returns support some hazardous items that are auto-authorized and a prepaid shipping label is generated. For more information, refer Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders.

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