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Item Package Quantity in Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Item Package Quantity (IPQ) shows customers the number of units in the item being offered for sale.

Make sure you enter the correct IPQ in your listing data so your product will match to the correct detail page.

Many manufacturers create UPCs for products that are sold as a set (for example, 2 packs of coffee sold as 1 unit); however, some sellers break up sets and sell the products as single units. To minimize detail page errors and customer confusion, it is important to always include the IPQ for your products that could be sold either in a set or as single units.

Note: The IPQ field in the Grocery & Gourmet inventory file template is labeled item_package_quantity

Here are some examples of items on Amazon that have correct values for IPQ.

Example 1

The barcode used to set up the ASIN (UPC 076950204546) is for 1 package that contains 16 tea bags.

There are 6 packages-- each package of 16 tea bags has a barcode of 076950204546-- for a total of 6 barcodes. The IPQ should be 6.

Note: In the screenshot above, there is a "6 pack" sticker in the top right corner of the product image. Add a similar sticker to your product image by populating the number_of_items field in the inventory file template.

Example 2

The barcode used to set up the ASIN (UPC 836093401048) is for a single variety pack containing 24 cans. Note the variety pack has one barcode that represents all 24 cans as a single unit. The IPQ should be 1, because there is only one barcode for the pack. In this example, the number of items is 24.

Example 3

The barcode used to set up the ASIN (UPC 0071072030509) is for 1 3-Ounce package of breadsticks. There are 12 packages of breadsticks. The IPQ should be 12.


Your Product Your Product IPQ Why?
Yogi Tea Co Stress Relief Honey Lavender Tea - 16 bags per pack -- 6 packs per case. 6 The customer will receive 6 packages of tea that each contain 16-bags
Izze Sparkling Juice Variety Pack, 8.4 Ounce (Pack of 24) 1 The customer will receive one variety pack (a pre-packaged variety pack from the manufacturer with a single unique UPC)
Alessi Thin Breadsticks, 3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) 12 The customer will receive 12 packages of breadsticks (that each weight 3 ounces)

Grocery Item Package Quantity (IPQ) vs. Number of Items

IPQ vs Number of Items  
IPQ (item_package_quantity) The number of units in the item being offered for sale, such that each unit is packaged for individual sale, and has a scannable bar code.

For example, a case of 12 boxes of granola bars, each with a scannable bar code, would have an item_package_quantity of 12.

Number of Items (number_of_items) Describes the total number of items contained in this product, such that each individual item is not necessarily packaged for individual sale.

For example, if the item for sale is a variety pack containing 24 cans of fruit juice then item-package-quantity = 1 and number_of_items = 24. The number-of-items sets the pack of number_of_items sticker on the image.

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