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Frequently asked questions

Note: This feature is available to Amazon Business sellers only.

Who is eligible to upload product documents for their products?

If you are a participant in the Amazon Business seller program, you can upload product documents here.

Learn more about the Amazon Business Seller Program.

Why should I upload product documents for my products?

Product documents help business customers learn more about a product that you are offering. They can view and download product documents when shopping on Amazon, which helps them make informed buying decisions.

Who can see the product documents?

The product documents are visible to both customers on Amazon and business customers on Amazon Business. They can view and download product documents for any listing on which you have uploaded the product documents.

What types of product documents do you support?

Currently we support many different types of product documents (full list). The documents must be high-quality and clearly legible to the customer.

Note: Currently product documents are available for listings in a number of categories. Product documents may be available in additional categories in the future.

Once I upload product documents, how long will it take to be visible to customers?

Product documents are displayed on the product detail page and are visible to customers within 24 hours. If you have questions, go to Contact us page, and click Selling on Amazon to reach the Amazon Business support team.

What kind of information do I need to provide to upload product documents for my products?

To upload product documents, provide the SKU and the URL where the product documents are stored for the specific product. To learn more on how to add product documents, visit Add product documents help page.

Where can I check whether the upload was successful?

Once the file is successfully sent, you will see a message: We're uploading your product document(s). This may take a few minutes. If you do not see this message, go to the Contact us page, and click Selling on Amazon to reach the Amazon Business support team.

What happens when I delete a product document attribution?

You can only delete documents uploaded by you. When you delete an attribution, we will remove your document contribution from the detail page.

I uploaded the product documents feed file and didn’t receive an error. Why don't I see the product documents in the product detail page?

The product documents were most likely uploaded for ASINs that are not in one of the categories that support product documents.

Note that your product documents have been downloaded by Amazon, and will show up on the product detail page when the category is added to the product documents program.

How can I upload product documents from a third-party service (such as Google Docs or Dropbox)?

In order to upload these documents, you will need to provide a “downloadable” URL, which is different from a “viewer” URL. Each document hosting service has a different syntax for “downloadable” URLs. For example, if you replace the with, the URL will become downloadable. There are websites available that will generate the “downloadable” URL, and some sellers have used them successfully.

I received the following error and don’t know how to remedy it. What should I do? Error: “We cannot associate an image with this SKU because the SKU was not created due to another error. Correct all other errors associated with it and resubmit your inventory file to resolve this error.”

This error occurs when the value provided in "Column A: SKU" does not match one of the SKUs in your inventory. Please check again to make sure you have provided a SKU and not an ASIN value.

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