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Amazon Handmade: Returns, refunds, restocking fees, and cancellations policies


Return eligibility:

To ensure a consistent experience for customers, Handmade Makers must match or exceed Amazon’s return policy, which states you must accept any return requests within 30 days of customer receipt of shipment.

An exception to this policy is items offered with customization options, other than size and color, that are configured, personalized, or inscribed, such as engravings, stamps, monograms, embroidery, embossing, etching, carving, or printing. Go to Customized products below for additional details.

The table below shows examples of listings and how the return policy is applied.

Standard return policy applies:

In this example, the listing offers no customization options and returns must be accepted for return within 30 days of receipt of purchase by the customer.

Standard return policy applies:

In this example, the customer is asked to choose only size and color options and must be accepted for return within 30 days of receipt of purchase by the customer.

Note: Size and color options are just examples. Other generic options may be presented; For example: finish, lengths, even selecting an initial.
Standard or Customized Product policies can both apply, depending on what the customer ordered.

In this example, if the customer does NOT select the optional engraving option, the item must be accepted within 30 days of receipt of purchase by the customer.

If, however, the buyer requested engraving on their item, the item is required to be accepted for return only if there was a misspelling or other error in the configuration, inscription, or design that was not the fault of the customer, the item arrives damaged, or the item is materially different than what was ordered.

Customized products:

Customized products are configured, personalized, or inscribed, such as engravings, stamps, monograms, embroidery, embossing, etching, carving, or printing. A-to-z Guarantee claims for these items require notification to you that the customer wants to return the item within 14 days of receipt of shipment. In addition:

  • Due to personal configuration, inscription, or design on these products, you are not required to accept returns or exchanges unless the products were damaged/defective upon arrival, or materially different from what was ordered.
  • If there is a misspelling or error in the configuration, inscription, or design due to a mistake by the customer, sellers are protected under Amazon's return policies.
  • All product packaging (such as boxes) and, if applicable, certificates of authenticity, grading, and appraisal must be returned with the item. Products without all applicable tags are not acceptable for return.

Note: If you receive a returned product that does not meet these requirements, you are not required to accept the return or refund the customer for the purchase under Amazon's return policies on customizable products.

Processing a return

For information related to managing returns, including guidelines and FAQs, go to Manage seller-fulfilled returns.

A-to-z Guarantee claims for products sold by Handmade Makers are subject to Amazon’s standard A-to-z Guarantee policies; however, items that are ordered/sold with optional customization options, other than size and color, are not subject to these policies. Go to Customized products above for additional details.

The following help topics provide additional information related to standard A-to-z Guarantee claims:

Additional policies

You must provide a return address within the United States or pay for return shipping to an international address, either by providing a pre-paid return label or by refunding the international return shipping costs.

Note: Effective May 25, 2021, if you are fulfilling customer orders in the US from outside the US, you must provide Amazon with a valid US return address (for items under $25). Amazon will use this address to generate prepaid return labels for customers on eligible return requests. If a US return address is not provided, Amazon will issue the customer a refund for eligible returns without requiring the item to be returned (Returnless Refund). Our International Returns Provider on the Solution Provider Network may be able to help if you do not have a local return address. This policy overrides any policies for customized products.

For additional information on international returns, go to Important information for international sellers.

If the buyer disputes the delivery or condition of the item received, or receives the wrong product, they will be asked to contact you to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved with you directly, the buyer will have the option to file an Amazon A-to-z Guarantee claim.

  • Amazon’s extended holiday returns policy requires that orders shipped during designated dates be returnable through January 31 of the following year. This policy applies to items either shipped by you or by Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  • All Handmade items shipped via FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime are currently eligible for free returns. Prime return policies override Handmade return policies, whether the item is customizable or not.


A refund should be processed after you receive a return from a buyer or you make arrangements to refund a purchase. You are not required to issue a refund until the item is returned to you for inspection.

Note: The return window is 30 days after receipt of shipment; however, delivery of the returned items might take longer.

You can issue full or partial refunds via the Manage Orders tool. Go to Refund options page for more information.

Restocking fees

If a customer returns a product, you have the right to charge a restocking fee based on the reason for return, which is a percentage of the item’s price according to the Guidelines for charging restocking fees.


You can decide the terms under which customers can return products or cancel items that are customized or made-to-order.

If a buyer asks you to cancel an order and you have not yet shipped and confirmed the shipment, you can cancel it in Manage Orders or use an Order Cancellation feed.

If you have already confirmed an order as shipped, you can authorize the return request in Manage Returns.

Go to Order cancellations for additional details on how cancellations can impact your account health.

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