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Amazon Handmade Terms

Amazon Handmade is a store with handcrafted products, made by Artisans. Amazon uses an application process to add new Artisans to the Handmade category to ensure customers are able to buy with confidence.

The following terms supplement your seller agreement and apply to your ongoing participation in the Amazon Handmade program. Amazon reserves the right to remove selling privileges at any point and at its sole discretion. We also reserve the right to update these terms.

Note: Approval is currently required to sell in the Handmade category. To submit an application, go here.


The following types of Artisans and groups of Artisans may apply to sell on Amazon Handmade:

  • You are an Artisan working alone.
  • You are an Artisan who works with a small group of family members, or employees to create your products. We prefer these groups consist of no more than 20 members.
  • You are part of a collaborative groups of Artisans; for example, Cooperative, Nonprofit, or Charity. Below are some additional details regarding who is eligible.
    • Cooperative - a group of Artisans united to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs.
    • Nonprofit Organization (NPO) – these are groups dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view.
    • Nongovernment Organization (NGO) – these groups are dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view.
    • Social Enterprise – these are organizations with the goal to empower and support collectives and communities of Artisans making one-of-a-kind, handmade products. For example, a social enterprise organization creates one-of-a-kind designs and works with communities of Artisans across their region to help with the creation and production of their final product.

If you’re part of a collaborative group, you will need to provide us with a link to any online documentation providing us with details regarding your organization.

If you’re part of a group, and it’s not listed above, we will evaluate your application on a case- by-case basis.

Category Guidelines

All products listed as Handmade must adhere to Amazon selling policies, as well as the following Amazon Handmade guidelines:

  • Products must be designed and produced by you, or your small group of family members, or employees.
  • Products must not be mass produced; this means products cannot be produced in large quantities by an automated mechanical process. Outsourcing of production is prohibited.
  • We permit use of hand tools and light machinery; machinery should be used by you in your home studio or workspace.
  • We strongly encourage you to do your own printing; however, we also realize some products, like prints of your artwork, or stationery types of products, are sent to an outside printing company due to the cost of the machinery. We will consider this option as long as you are creating the designs and completing the final steps in the production process. See our category specific guidelines for more details.
  • We will allow you to hand alter pre-made items; for example, we will allow you to apply your own designs to blank t-shirts or mugs.
  • We do not allow digital or downloadable products, food or grocery items (pet treats are allowed only in the U.S.), or electronic accessories on Amazon Handmade.

If you supply products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings. For Children’s Products, review the policy for more details.

Copyright, Trademark, and other related policies

Amazon does not allow listings that violate the intellectual property rights of brands or other rights owners. See below for more information:

  • Copyright - A copyright protects original works of authorship, such as videos, movies, songs, books, musicals, video games, paintings, etc. Generally, copyright law is meant to incentivize the creation of original works of authorship for the benefit of the public. To receive copyright protection, a work of authorship must be created by an author, and must have some amount of creativity. If you are the author of an original work, then you typically own the copyright in that work. Any violation can be reported to
  • Trademark is a word, symbol or design, or a combination of same (such as a brand name or logo) that a company uses to identify its goods or services and to distinguish them from other companies’ goods and services. Put another way, a trademark indicates the source of goods or services. Generally, trademark laws exist to prevent customer confusion about the source of goods or services. Any questions can be sent to

We recommend registering with Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Brand Registry helps Artisans protect registered trademarks on Amazon and creates an accurate and trusted experience for customers. Currently, brands must have a registered trademark to be eligible for enrollment in this program.

Protecting Handmade Integrity

Amazon reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove a product from any Amazon Handmade category. We will notify the impacted Artisan regarding the removal and the impacted Artisan will have the option to appeal this decision. Notifications will be sent to the Artisan through Seller Central and will include details on what is needed by Amazon to conduct an audit, as well as the timeframe in which the Artisan will need to provide Amazon with this information.

Listing requirements

All listings must adhere to our listing guide, including but not limited to our Title, Image, and Product Description Standards. See our Listing Guide about when and how to use customizations for your products.

All listings must also comply with Amazon's listing policies, including, for example, general listing restrictions and our product detail page requirements, Condition Guidelines, Intellectual Property Violations policy, Adult Product Polices & Guidelines, offensive products policy, and category-specific guidelines in Jewelry, Art, and Plants.

Intellectual property

You represent that you have all necessary rights to list and sell each product that you offer in the Handmade category, including all intellectual property rights as defined in your seller agreement.

We respect the intellectual property rights of the artisans who sell on Handmade at Amazon. The goal of Handmade at Amazon is to provide customers with an opportunity to buy unique products directly from the artisans who make them. We do not take the view that your seller agreement gives us the right to reproduce your products as a result of them being offered in the Handmade category. The rights you grant us allow us to promote your products across multiple channels and help you grow your business on Amazon.

Customization data

You, Amazon customers, or other third parties may make available images, illustrations, graphics, designs, fonts, text, or other content in connection with the sale of handmade products in the Handmade category ("customization data"). If you receive an order for a customizable product that includes a third party's customization data, you may use that customization data solely to fulfill that order, and may not retain it after the order has been fulfilled. You agree to verify that any customization data does not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights or any Amazon policies (including policies for Restricted Products and Offensive Products).

You represent that you have all necessary rights to any customization data that you make available to us, and that your customization data does not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights or any Amazon policies (including policies for Restricted Products and Offensive Products). In addition to the rights and licenses you grant Amazon to your materials, you also authorize Amazon to enable customers to share images of products using customization data through websites, mobile applications, and other online points of presence.

Handmade returns, refunds, restocking, and order cancellation

Sellers of handmade products must comply with all Handmade Returns, Refunds, and Cancellation Policy as well as the Fulfill Handmade Orders guidelines.

Information sharing

You agree that by creating an Artisan Profile Page, any information about you or your products (including images of you or your products) can be shareable by Amazon customers through websites, mobile applications, and other online points of presence.

Product quality assurance

Sellers and prospective sellers in the Handmade category must follow the product quality assurance procedures we give you from time to time, including by providing information about the products you wish to sell.

We periodically review the quality of Handmade category listings with or without notice. We can revoke Handmade category selling privileges or selling privileges for any individual product type within the Handmade category at any time and for any reason upon notice. If we determine that a handmade product you sold is materially different from the listing for that product, in addition to any other of your obligations, we might require you to reimburse us for the costs of our evaluation.


Your use of any service we offer to photograph your products is subject to the Imaging Terms and Conditions.

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