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Business-Only Offers

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Note: A business-only offer is an offer that only has a business price and no customer price. A business-only offer is only available to Amazon Business customers, and is not available to all customers on Amazon.

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There are a number of reasons to create business-only offers for registered Amazon Business customers:

  • You carry products with channel rights restrictions from the manufacturer, limiting sales to consumers
  • You carry fragile products that can break or fail without professional handling or installation
  • You carry specialty products that may injure the customer without professional handling or installation

Add a business-only offer using feeds

All standard feed instructions apply.

Learn more about feeds.

To add a business-only offer using feeds, complete the following steps.

  1. If you have a previous offer, delete it first.
  2. Create a new offer using a category-specific feed.
  3. Leave the standard price column blank. If you enter a value in the price column, your offer will be available to all customers on Amazon.
  4. Add a business price using the Business Price/Quantity File. Leave the standard price column blank.

These steps convert your offer into a business-only offer.


  • Deleting a previous offer can strand FBA inventory. Learn more about how to fix stranded inventory.
  • If you add a standard price to your offer in the future, it will start having a price that is available to all customers, and it will no longer be a business-only offer.

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