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This article applies to selling in: United States

State Tax Registration Numbers

Important: Information on this page does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such. You should consult your professional advisers if you have questions.

To calculate tax for any non-Marketplace Tax Collection state or jurisdiction, you must register with the appropriate tax authority to obtain a tax registration number before collecting any sales and use tax.

Amazon’s Tax Calculation Service requires your state tax registration number to set up tax calculation settings for any jurisdiction you would like to enable to calculate sales and use taxes on your products.

If you registered for a Streamlined Sales Tax ID (SSTID), individual states will also issue a unique state tax registration number in connection with your Streamline registration. Only use the unique state tax registration number issued by each state when setting up your Tax Calculation Settings. Your SSTID is for communications within the Streamline program, do not use your SSTID for your Tax Calculation Settings.

Once you have your state tax registration number, you can move forward with Setting up Tax Calculation Services.

Sellers remain responsible for any remittance and/or reporting obligations they may have with any state or taxing jurisdiction.

If you have any questions about registering with a state, obtaining a state tax registration number, remittance, or reporting obligations, contact your tax advisor and/or the specific tax authority for additional information.

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