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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my certifications be visible to Amazon customers?

The Certifications program is currently accepting certifications from both Professional and Individual Sellers. Certifications are verified within 7 to 10 days of submission and will be visible to customers after they are approved.

Why should I participate in the Certifications program?

By participating in the Certifications program, sellers can distinguish themselves to Amazon Business customers, many of whom are tasked with meeting diversity or quality sourcing objectives and corporate social responsibility goals. In addition, you can get your products discovered by any Amazon customer looking to support diverse businesses and participate in other Amazon programs that identify diverse sellers.

What types of certification are available today?

The Certifications program supports diversity certifications at both the National and State level in the US.

Examples of the type of diversity certifications supported today include: Registered Small Business, Women-Owned Small Business, Minority-owned Business, and Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Quality certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are supported as well. Refer to the Amazon Business Glossary for a full list of supported certifications.

Will Amazon help sellers obtain certifications?

Amazon is not a certifying body, nor does Amazon provide assistance to obtain certifications. Sellers are expected to determine their own eligibility requirements for a certification and how to obtain the appropriate supporting documentation depending on the certification. A starting point for each certification is provided in the Amazon Business Glossary.

How will Amazon Business customers find a seller's certification?

Certifications will be displayed to Amazon Business customers on the seller's Amazon Business Profile, Product Detail, and Offer Listing pages. Amazon customers can also refine their product search by certification type. In addition, certifications may be used by Amazon to promote diverse sellers to all Amazon customers.

How does Amazon pick the certifications it supports?

The certifications are chosen based on general business relevance to a significant portion of businesses, the ability of an individual to verify a certification, and direct feedback from Amazon customers and Professional Sellers.

What kind of information do I need to provide in order to claim an agency verified certification?

Generally, sellers have to provide information that would allow a customer to independently verify that a seller has been awarded a certification. All certifications must be issued or registered under a reputable third-party entity, such as an accredited or authoritative certifier or government entity. Sellers have to provide proof of issuance in the form of a physically issued documentation (digital image). If a seller is registered with, we will also accept a screenshot of the seller’s profile that shows a seller has a specific credential.

Though the type of information provided depends on the particular certification being claimed, sellers should be prepared to have the following types of information available:

  • Certificates issued by an authoritative or accredited certifying body
  • Formal letters of recognition by a government entity

What information do I need to provide to claim an SBA self-certified certification?

If you have a self-certified certification through SBA, please upload a screenshot of your SBA profile which can be found using the SBA Dynamic Small Business Search. The screenshot should clearly identify your business and show the 'Ownership and Self-Certifications' section.

For Issue Date, list the date that you self-certified your business for the certification. For Expiration Date, list 365 days from the date you self-certified, which is when you will be required by SBA to self-certify your certification again. For example, if you self-certified on August 20, 2018, you would input the following data:

  • Issue Date – 08/20/2018
  • Expiration Date – 8/20/2019

Where was my ‘Pending’ certification populated from?

Using your DUNS number, we found your certification on the System for Award Management (SAM). Review the certification before adding it to your profile.

How can I learn more about a particular certification?

Information about particular certifications can be found in the Amazon Business Glossary.

What should I do if my certification is about to expire?

To update an expiring certification, click Edit to add an updated documentation image, new Issue Date, Expiration Date, and click Submit.

Who can see my certification information?

All Amazon Business customers can see your certification information, including the documentation you uploaded as part of your certification submission. If you have personally identifiable information on your certification, you should either scrub it from your document or find an alternative form of documentation to submit. Amazon does not remove this information on your behalf from your certification documentation. In addition, certifications may be used by Amazon to promote diverse sellers to all Amazon customers.

Why cannot I see my certification when I view my profile on

Certifications are only visible to Amazon Business customers.

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