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Amazon Watch Warranty FAQs

What is a manufacturer warranty?

A manufacturer warranty is a warranty offered by a manufacturer. Under a manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer is responsible for servicing the watch.

How do I disclose my watch has a manufacturer warranty?

If you would like to offer a manufacturer warranty for a watch brand, we require a letter of authorization from the brand. This letter must include your Amazon Display Name and the letter must state that the account in question is an authorized distributor. Once this letter is obtained please also include in your submission a PDF version of the manufacturer warranty file. This information can be sent to Seller Support for review, approval, and upload via a support case.

What is a Watch Protection Plan?

Customers can choose to purchase a Watch Protection Plan from a third party supplier along with their watch purchase. Watch Protection Plans provide coverage for watches that are sold without a manufacturer warranty. Additionally, Watch Protection Plans may offer benefits beyond a manufacturer warranty. Customers can review the terms and conditions of the Watch Protection Plan on the Protection Plan detail page to decide if they want to purchase a Protection Plan with their watch.

How much does a Watch Protection Plan cost me as a seller?

There is no cost to the seller.

What is the 2 year Amazon warranty (provided by Asurion)?

Prior to October 23rd 2018, the 2 year Amazon warranty (provided by Asurion) was provided to customers who purchased a watch without a manufacturer warranty. See the full text of the warranty here. If a customer contacts you about servicing their watch that came with the 2 year Amazon warranty (provided by Asurion) direct them to Asurion.

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