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How to Read a Referral Fee Preview Report

The Referral Fee Preview Report shows the estimated referral fee amount for each of your current listings on Amazon. The referral fee shown in the report is based on your current listed item price and does not account for shipping or gift wrap charges applied at the time of purchase. Additional selling fees, including variable closing fees, may apply when your item is sold.

The information contained in this report may be up to 72 hours old. The report can only be requested once per 24 hours.

To download the report, go to the Inventory link and select Inventory Reports, then use the report type drop-down to select Referral Fee Preview Report.

Referral Fee Preview reports are tab-delimited files. You can open the report in any spreadsheet or database program, such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft excel. The report will be in a .txt (tab-delimited) format.

Below is a list of fields that appear in the report, as well as definitions and examples for each.

Field Name Description Example
seller-sku Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are unique blocks of letters or numbers that identify your products. SKUs are assigned by you as the seller. AB-8675309
ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters or numbers that identify products. ASINs are assigned by Amazon. You can find the ASIN on the product detail page. B003ZYF3LOV
item-name The title of the item you listed. This will be populated with Amazon catalog data. LAMINATED Oakland Athletics Logo Poster - 22x34
price The price you are asking for the product.


estimated-referral-fee-per-item The estimated referral fee based on your current listed item price.


For more information about referral fees, see the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

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