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This article applies to selling in: United States

North America Unified Account

With a North America Unified Account, you can conveniently switch in Seller Central between and seller tools to list products and manage orders in both marketplaces.

The North America Unified Account allows you to more easily:

  • Share listing information and manage your inventory consistently across and
  • Keep track of orders on and in Manage Orders or with one combined Order Report
  • Access tools and services to help you manage your business across and
  • Pay a single monthly Pro Merchant subscription fee for your North America Unified Account
  • Update account information through a consolidated user interface
  • Get paid to your local bank in your local currency thanks to the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers

Managing Inventory in Your North America Unified Account

When managing your Amazon inventory across Amazon’s United States and Canada marketplaces, it is important to understand the difference between the Global SKU and the marketplace-specific SKU in Seller Central.

Global SKU: A Global SKU uses a shared inventory pool between and You can create a Global SKU by selecting “Existing Offer” when you go to create an offer in Seller Central. When using a Global SKU, the total amount of inventory applies to both marketplaces. For example, if you have 100 units of inventory, it will display that there are 100 units in United States and 100 units in Canada. The 100 applies to both countries and DOES NOT add up to a total of 200 units. If an item sells in Canada, then both marketplaces would show 99 units available. NOTE: Pricing is managed separately in each marketplace.

If you are shipping orders yourself, you should use a Global SKU to manage inventory across and

Marketplace-specific SKU: A marketplace-specific SKU is managed as a marketplace-level inventory pool, which means you will manage two distinct pools of inventory across the United States and Canada. You can create a marketplace-specific SKU by selecting “Unique Offer” when you go to create an offer in Seller Central. The listing is managed separately in each marketplace for both inventory and pricing.

If you are using Fulfillment by Amazon, you should use a marketplace-specific SKU and manage your inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers in the United States and Canada as two separate pools. Please note that inventory going to U.S. fulfillment centers should be shipped from the U.S. section of your North America Unified Account and vice versa for Canada. For example, if you have a FBA listing on, your “Ships from” address must be in Canada.

Important: When using flat files in the North America Unified Account, it is critical to upload a value for the quantity of available inventory units. If the “Inventory avails” column is left blank, it will be read as “0” by the system and will change the original listing to display “0” available units.
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