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Using Your Amazon Payments Business Account

The Amazon Payments service provides you with the ability to send and receive payments for goods or services by using the payment methods already associated with your account. To make a payment, you can use a credit card, bank account, or Amazon Payments Account balance.

How do I know if I have an Amazon Payments balance?

You can view your Amazon Payments balance in the Your Account section when you login to

How do I pay for orders with my Amazon Payments balance?

If you have an Amazon Payments account, you will see your account balance as a payment option on the payment selection page. Simply select the option to use the balance on your Amazon Payments account during checkout to pay for your order. If you have a default credit card and shipping address set up, click the "Change" button next to the payment method on the final checkout page to go back to the payment selection page. From there, select the option to use your Amazon Payments account balance.

The amount shown on the payment selection page is the available balance in your account at the time the order is placed. The available balance displays the total funds available for immediate transactions, but it does not include pending transactions. If you want to add additional funds to your balance, go to

When you select your Amazon Payments balance as your payment option for orders, you will be required to select a credit card to use in addition to your balance. We will charge your credit card for any amount not covered by your balance at the time we ship your order. A credit card must be used even if the balance on the account is greater than the order total. We will not debit your balance or credit card (if applicable) until your order is ready to be shipped. You can also use an gift card along with your Amazon Payments balance to pay for an order. When your order ships, we'll charge your gift card first, followed by your Amazon Payments balance, and then your credit card (if necessary).

Are there restrictions on what I can purchase using Amazon Payments?

Your Amazon Payments balance can be used for most purchases on, but it cannot be used to order the following products:

  • Digital Downloads
  • Subscribe & Save
  • Amazon Prime

Am I protected when I use Amazon Payments?

If there are ever unauthorized Amazon Payments charges against your credit card or bank account, you can dispute those charges. Depending on how quickly you notify Amazon Payments about any unauthorized transactions, you might not be held responsible for those charges. If you submit payment for a product or service and you do not receive it, or if what you receive is materially different than advertised by the merchant, you can dispute the transaction and request reimbursement. Learn more about transaction disputes.

Is my payment information shared with anyone?

The privacy practices of Amazon Payments, Inc. are described in the Amazon Payments Privacy Notice. The privacy notice explains what information Amazon Payments collects from you, how that information is used, and what choices you have with respect to that information.

Note that because your Amazon Payments account is linked to your account, any changes you make to payment methods in your Amazon Payments account will appear in your account (and vice versa).

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