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File Formats for Books, Music, Video, and DVD

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.

Amazon offers specific file templates to upload multiple listings for media sellers at one time. These templates will attempt to match your listings to ASINs in the Amazon catalog by ISBN (for books), UPC, or EAN. In cases where these codes aren't available, we will cross reference the title and other product information to find a match. When no match is available for a specific product and sufficient product details are provided, we will create a new detail page for your product. Below are the different file templates available for media sellers.

  • Book Loader: Upload product data for book formats to match to existing book listings or create new book listings.
  • UIEE Book Format: Book sellers with data files in the Universal Information Exchange Environment (UIEE) format can use this format as an alternative to the Standard Book Loader file.
  • Music Loader: Upload product data for music formats like CDs, cassette tapes, and vinyl.
  • Video Loader: Upload product data for video formats like VHS, DVDs, HD DVDs, Blu-ray.

Using Book, Music, and Video templates

  1. Download the template: You can find the templates in the Inventory dropdown. Select Add Products via Upload and click Download Template.
  2. Enter listing information: Enter the SKU, product identifier, and listing data for the items you want to offer for sale in the template tab of the file. You can manually enter listing details one-by-one, or you can import an existing file using the Import File macro, if you have macros enabled in Excel.
  3. Validate listings: Check the information you entered for errors. You can automate this processusing Excel macros. Select Validate from the Add-Ins menu. The macro checks data completeness and greatly reduces upload failures due to input errors.
  4. Upload listings to Amazon: Select Upload File from the Add-Ins menu. Enter your selling account e-mail and password. If you do not have macros enabled, save the file as tab-delimited text (.txt) format and upload it at Upload Products & Inventory in the Inventory menu.

Uploading UIEE Book files

As Amazon does not provide macros to import, validate or upload your files, you will need to generate your own files. See Use UIEE Format to List Books.

File Formats for Books, Music, Video, and DVD

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