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Campaign metrics

Campaign Manager provides detailed reporting data that you can use to analyze your ad spend and understand your return on investment (ROI). Go to Advertising > Campaign Manager for an overview of all of your campaigns.

Under the Campaigns tab, you will find a summary of the following metrics for the selected time range for each campaign.


For sponsored product ads, it is the average amount you are willing to spend on your campaign per day. For Sponsored Brands, it is the maximum amount for the lifetime of your campaign, or a capped amount to spend per day on your campaign.


The amount you have spent on clicks on your ads.


For sponsored product ads, it is the total product sales generated from clicks on your ads. For Sponsored Brands, all purchases for your brand's products made by shoppers who clicked on your ad, including sales of any product in your advertised brand made by Amazon and other sellers.


Advertising cost of sales (ACoS) is the percentage of sales spent on advertising. ACoS = total spend ÷ total sales x 100


Return on advertising spend (RoAS) divides the dollar amount produced in sales by the dollar amount spent on advertising (total sales / total spend). It is simply an inverse of ACoS, so RoAS = 1/ACoS. Unlike ACoS, it is represented as a number that is interpreted as an index (multiplier) rather than %. RoAS = total sales ÷ total spend. Currently RoAS is only available through downloadable reports.

Sales attribution

When a shopper clicks one of your ads, we track their activity after the click is registered in case the shopper comes back to purchase a product they clicked on previously. The time period for measuring purchases after a click is called an attribution window. The standard attribution window for Sponsored Products is 7 days while the attribution window for Sponsored Brands is 14 days. If a shopper returns to your product and purchases it within the attribution window, that sale will be included in your sales data.

Note: For Sponsored Products, you can view attribution windows of 1-30 days by downloading a Campaign Performance report.

For example, if a shopper clicks your Sponsored Products ad on January 29 and purchases the product on February 3, this order occurred 5 days after the click on your ad and would be counted in your sales total.

If the current date is February 5, a month-to-date time range would not include the sales data for clicks generated in January, but a last-month time range would include this sales data.

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