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When you create a new ad campaign, you’ll want to decide how to budget your advertising money. You can set a daily budget for Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands. The way the budget is spent differs between the two kinds of ads.

Note: Lifetime budgeting is only available for Sponsored Brands at this time.

Daily budget

The daily budget is a daily amount you are willing to spend on a campaign over a calendar month. In Sponsored Products campaigns, this amount is averaged over the course of a month. For example, if you set your daily budget to $100, Amazon will deliver up to $3,100 worth of clicks in that calendar month, assuming you start your campaign on the first day of a 31-day month. However, on any given day you could spend less or more than your average daily budget. For example, if your budget is $100 and you receive $90 worth of clicks on the first day, you could receive up to $110 worth of clicks on the second day. This would bring your total spend over two days to $200, which averages to $100 per day.

For Sponsored Brands, the daily budget is the total amount you are willing to spend per day on a campaign. Each day is capped at the amount you have set but you might not always hit your daily budget limit.

Note: Budgets are spent as quickly as possible and your budget will not be paced throughout the day. This means that a smaller budget could be spent in a few minutes if there are a large number of shoppers interested in your advertised products.

You can calculate your average daily budget by following these steps:

1. Decide how much you are willing to spend on your campaign for a month. For example, let's say your monthly budget is $3,100.

2. Calculate your average daily budget by dividing your total budget of $3,100 by 31 days. Your average daily budget would be about $100.

You can change your daily budget at any time. From the Manage Advertising view, click the budget amount in the Budget column and enter a new amount. You can also change the daily budget by clicking the campaign name and selecting Campaign Settings.

The Sponsored Products daily budget cap is an optional setting that controls how much, in the aggregate, all of your active Sponsored Products campaigns can spend per day. You can access this setting under the Advertising Settings tab in Campaign Manager.

Example: You have two campaigns each with a daily budget of $50. If you set a daily budget cap of $75, then your ads will stop displaying once your total account spend reaches $75, even though the total budget for your two campaigns is $100.

If you are not sure what to set for a daily budget across Sponsored Products campaigns, then you can leave this blank and set a separate budget for each campaign.

Note: The daily budget cap is only available for Sponsored Products at this time.

The lifetime budget is the total amount that you are willing to spend on one Sponsored Brand campaign for as long as it runs. Once your campaign has reached the lifetime budget limit you have set, it will stop running ads.

The minimum amount you can set for a lifetime budget is $100. You will be charged periodically during your campaign as the outstanding balance reaches $1, $50, $150, $200, $350, and $500 and up until the campaign’s entire lifetime budget is spent.

For example, if you set your lifetime budget to $1,000 for a campaign running for 10 days, Amazon will deliver up to $100 of clicks per day. If you receive $90 in clicks in the first day, the budget the next day will be $110 to make up for not reaching yesterday’s budgeting threshold. Once you reach your cap of $1,000, your campaign will stop serving ads.

Note: For Sponsored Brands, you will not be able to switch between a daily budget or a lifetime budget after you have selected one. To change your budget for a Sponsored Brand, you’ll want to copy your campaign and create a new one.
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