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Campaign status

The status column in Campaign Manager displays information about the current state of your campaign. The status reflects changes made to the campaign, and whether or not the campaign’s ads have been approved based on Amazon Advertising’s policies.

The table below describes the various statuses you might see and some recommend actions. See Change campaign status for further instructions.

Campaign Status Details Recommendations
Delivering The campaign is active and eligible to serve impressions. Your ads will display in eligible placements. You can observe a campaign’s performance over time in Campaign Manager, and download campaign performance reports for further analysis.
Scheduled The campaign has not started yet, and is scheduled to start in the future. To change your campaign start date, select the campaign name, and then select Campaign Settings to adjust the date range.
Incomplete The campaign is not eligible to show ads because it does not have at least one target and one product to advertise. This status is only used for Sponsored Products To make the campaign eligible, select the campaign and add one or more targets and products to one of the ad groups. If no ad groups exist, select Create ad group and add one or more targets and to the ad group.
Out of Budget The campaign has exceeded the Campaign daily budget. Ads in this campaign are not eligible to serve impressions until midnight when the daily budget is reset. Make one of the following changes:
  • To change the Campaign daily budget or lifetime budget, select the campaign name, and then select Campaign Settings.
  • To change or remove the Sponsored Products daily budget cap, go to all campaigns in Campaign Manager and select Advertising Settings.
Note: The campaign budget cap is only available for Sponsored Products. Lifetime budget is available for Sponsored Brands.
Payment Failure Your payment method (such as credit, debit, or deposit) was either deactivated, had insufficient funds, or was changed recently. To change your payment method, go to Settings > Account Info . Under Payment Information, click Charge Methods for Advertising to edit an existing payment method or add a new one. Learn more about payment failure
Ended The campaign end date has passed and the campaign has ended. To continue running your Sponsored Products campaign, select the campaign name, and then select Campaign settings to either modify or remove the end date. Sponsored Brands campaigns can't be enabled once ended.
Paused The campaign is not eligible because it is set to Paused. To restart your campaign, click the toggle in the Active column.
Archived The campaign is not eligible because it is set to Archived. The campaign cannot be enabled or paused.
Draft The campaign is not running because it hasn't been submitted. Make sure you have completed all steps in the campaign creation process.
Pending Review Amazon is reviewing the campaign and will set it to run if approved. Campaign review can take up to three business days. We will email you to let you know whether your campaign was accepted or rejected. If your campaign is approved, it will start running automatically.
Not approved Your campaign creative was rejected and needs to be edited. If your campaign is rejected, you'll want to make the requested edits to your ad. After you update the ad, you'll need to resubmit it for review.
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