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Collectible Coins

General requirements

Note: We are no longer accepting new Seller applications for this program. For all other questions, please contact Selling Partner Support.

Sellers in the Collectible Coins Store must fulfill category requirements.

Note: Amazon reserves the right to perform an audit of each seller's products, including checking that products meet product and listing data requirements. Amazon may remove your selling privileges for failure to meet these requirements:

  1. Unless
    1. 100% of the seller’s items are from a legally recognized government mint and comply with the additional product requirements, or
    2. 100% of the seller’s items are graded by the approved graders and comply with the additional product requirements,

    then the seller must maintain membership in one of the following organizations:

    • PNG - Professional Numismatist Guild
    • ICTA - Industry Council for Tangible Assets
    • PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service
    • NGC/PMG - Numismatic Grading Corporation/Paper Money Guarantee
  2. 70% or more of seller's inventory must be graded by NGC or PCGS, or be from a legally recognized government mint (e.g. US Mint, Royal Mint of Canada). Product sourced directly from a legally recognized government mint must be in original government packaging.
  3. If seller qualifies as a dealer of precious metals, precious stones, or jewels under 31 C.F.R. Part 1027, seller has implemented an anti-money laundering program in compliance with Federal Regulation 31 C.F.R. § 1027.210, and will, upon Amazon's request, provide copies of seller's anti-money laundering program to Amazon.
  4. Professionally graded / authenticated coins are only acceptable from Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).
  5. All coins listed at or above $1,500 must be graded by PCGS or NGC, or they will not be allowed in the store.
  6. Ungraded coins must be listed as Graded by seller unless they are in original government packaging and can be listed accordingly.
  7. "Unsearched" bags, rolls, tubes, jars, or any other unknown bulk coins sales are not allowed. The detail page must clearly identify to the customer the specific coins they are purchasing.
  8. Sellers should also provide a link to their company website where we can view the products which they wish to sell.

Seller evaluations are also based on, but not limited to, the following:

  • Number of years in the business
  • Trade show participation
  • Seller Performance History (if already selling on Amazon)

In addition, existing Amazon sellers must maintain the following:

  • A Professional selling plan account; and
  • An order defect rate below 0.75%

Only certain types of Coins may be listed in the Collectible Coins Store. See Restricted Products and the Collectible Coins Style Guide for details. After you have reviewed the category requirements and comply with them, you are eligible to apply for approval by clicking the Request Approval button at the bottom of the page.

Product requirements

  • Professionally graded grading / authentication of coins is only accepted from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).
  • All coins listed at or above $1,500 must be graded by PCGS or NGC or they will not be allowed in the store.
  • Coins not graded by PCGS or NGC must be listed as Graded by Seller unless they are in Original US Mint Packaging and can be listed accordingly.
  • Coins must be considered legal tender or have been issued by a government entity. Coins no longer in circulation or coins issued by governments no longer in power are acceptable.
  • Coins must not be altered from their original state outside of numismatic preservation or cleaning methods.
  • Replicas, copies or reproductions of coins will not be permitted. Restrikes authorized by a government will be permitted.

Required images for all coins

Obverse image

Obverse view of the coin (1001px + on longest side for zoom).

Reverse image

Reverse view of the coin (1001px + on longest side for zoom).

Detail image (not required but suggested)

Label detail for Slabbed Coins. Edge, Mint Mark, or any other detail specific to coin.

Coin details

Key coin details must be clear and visible in images.

See also Product Image Requirements.

General Amazon Image Requirements

  • All product images must meet Amazon site-wide image standards.
  • Listing data and images must be suitable for all ages and appropriate for our global community. Listing data and images may not depict or contain nudity or pornographic, obscene, or offensive items.
  • Sellers must certify that they have reviewed the image guidelines published on Seller Central and that all images they upload will conform to the guidelines.
  • Images must have white backgrounds and cannot contain inset images, watermarks, or unauthorized content.
  • Images must be at least 1001px on the longest size.

Additional requirements

  • Seller must follow Amazon listing standards for any product sold on Amazon.
  • Seller must submit product titles, bullets, and product descriptions that are clearly written and assist the customer in understanding the product.
  • All products must be sold as listed. Customers must be able to complete all aspects of ordering and purchasing a product using only the Amazon website. We do not allow custom listings that would require customers to communicate with sellers before or after the purchase in order to receive the product they want.

See Referral fees for this category's referral fee rates. Other fees may apply depending on the services used.

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