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FBA Repackaging Service Terms and Conditions

Program Overview

Units returned by customers and received at our fulfillment centers are checked to ensure that they are in sellable condition. For an eligible unit that is otherwise sellable, except that the packaging on the unit was damaged or opened, FBA will perform re-boxing, poly-bagging, shrink-wrapping or other repackaging services on your eligible FBA units returned by customers to our fulfillment centers. After we repackage the eligible units, they will be returned to your inventory in sellable, new condition.

Product Eligibility

Enrollment in the FBA Repackaging Program is the default setting. In your Fulfillment by Amazon Settings, you can select at any time to opt out of the program for one or more categories of products. When the customer returns an unit in one of the categories in the FBA Repackaging Program and we determine that unit is unsellable solely because of opened or damaged packaging, we will review the item and determine if it is eligible for the program and, if so, the repackaging service to be performed.

Not all products are eligible for repackaging. The FBA Repackaging Program will evaluate each unit on a case-by-case basis to determine whether it can be repackaged. Only items in new and sellable condition can be repackaged. For units with box damage, only plain boxes will be replaced. Glossy, multi-color (more than 2 colors), or boxes with photos on them will not be repackaged.

Changes to Terms

We may modify the terms and conditions that apply to the FBA Repackaging Program at any time in accordance with the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.


We may terminate the FBA Repackaging Program (or your participation in the program) at any time by providing notice to you.

Optional Participation

You may change your selected categories or discontinue your participation in the FBA Repackaging Program by changing your Fulfillment by Amazon Settings. You will be removed from the program once your request has been processed.

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