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Listing Creation for Global Accounts

Once you've created a seller account in a new target marketplace, the next step is to create product listings in your new marketplace. Product listing requirements may be different depending on the marketplace, so be sure to refer to the guidelines in each marketplace's Help pages. The following are the components of an Amazon marketplace listing:

Product ID:

A global identification number such as a UPC, EAN, or ISBN number.

Product title:

A concise description of the product. Some categories might have different title requirements, so refer to the style guides in Seller Central as your titles must conform to these standards.

Bullet points and product description:

Bullet points briefly list the top product features and catch the customer's interest. The product description provides detailed information about the product.

Product images:

Clear photographs of the product that show as much detail as possible. Some categories may have different image requirements, so refer to the style guides in Seller Central as your images must conform to these standards.

Search terms:

Keywords that someone looking for your product might enter in the Search field. You can provide several search terms.

Tip: The quality of your listing will affect how often your item appears on searches and so the likelihood that your product is purchased. That's why it's important to invest time and effort in producing high-quality listings to improve your sales potential.

Choose a listing tool and list your products

If you have a small inventory (fewer than 100 products), it may be easier to use the Add a Product listing tool to list each product one at a time. Alternatively, for sellers with Professional accounts and larger inventories, you can create an inventory file and load the inventory. Go to Inventory File Templates to find a template for your inventory.

Listings need to be in the language of the Amazon marketplace where you intend to sell. For example, to sell on or, your product listings need to be in German or Japanese, respectively. External translation providers can help if you don’t speak the language of the Amazon marketplace where you want to sell.

Here are a few links other sellers have found useful:

Hear how successful US-based sellers handled European languages as they grew their Amazon businesses

Build International Listings

Build International Listings tool saves you time managing listings and enables you to create and update listings at the same time across multiple Amazon marketplaces with your unified account. Once you've launched and created listings in your primary "source" marketplace, you can then select these listings and identify a target marketplace in which you currently have no offers. Build International Listings performs the following automatic functions:

  • It creates listings on multiple target marketplaces based on products you are selling in the source marketplace.
  • Whenever you add a listing or delete a listing, it updates listings in the target marketplaces.
  • It adjusts prices in your target marketplaces based on changes you make to the source marketplace prices, according to pricing rules you set.
  • It adjusts prices in the target marketplaces to reflect exchange rate fluctuations with the source marketplace currency.

For more details, watch How to Build International Listings.

If you already selling in one marketplace, try Build International Listings or visit the Sell Globally Dashboard to find opportunities to expand.

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